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Laura Dustman began dancing when she was 4 years old. A Columbus native, Ms. Dustman trained at BalletMet from her youth up through her high school graduation. Furthering her education in dance, she graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance education. Ms. Dustman has been teaching at BalletMet for the past six years and enjoys introducing young dancers to ballet technique. Ms. Dustman and her husband have a young son, Noah, and a daughter, Brooklyn.

Ambre Emory-Maier is Director of Education at BalletMet. Her accomplishments at BalletMet include developing The Magic in Movement- Grow Up Great! Early Childhood Program, Aladdin: Finding the Magic in Dance, and Moving Into Literacy. Ms. Emory-Maier also oversees the Academy’s Discover Dance Scholarship Program. A native of Allentown, Penn., Ms. Emory-Maier was formerly Director of Education for North Carolina Dance Theatre (NCDT). Ms. Emory-Maier also worked as an artistic associate for NCDT 2. Previously, she was a faculty member and Assistant Chairperson in the University of Hartford/Hartford Ballet’s Dance Division. Ms. Emory-Maier holds a MA in Dance Reconstruction and Directing and a BA in Communications. Ms. Emory-Maier’s dance training and performance experience have included pedagogical study in the Vagonova method, modern dance study in the Limon and Humphrey/Weidman styles and national touring with Polite Society, a vintage ballroom dance company. She is certified by The Dance Notation Bureau to teach Labanotation and holds a 500-RYT yoga certification through The Yoga Alliance. Emory-Maier serves on ODE’s Arts and Innovation Committee, Steering Committee for The National High School Dance Festival, has presented nationally at the NDEO, NCAAPHERD, and CORPS DE BALLET conferences and is an advisory board member of OhioDance. She recently published the children’s book Leap & Twirl.

Elaine Spielberg comes from Columbus, Ohio, where she has been active in the dance community, both as a student and teacher. She received her early training from Shir Lee Wu at the Columbus Youth Ballet, and various summer intensives, such as the School of American Ballet and American Ballet Theatre. In 1997, Ms. Spielberg moved to Virginia to dance for the Richmond Ballet where she performed classical and contemporary repertoire, including Giselle, Swan Lake, Outside One, and Schubert's Soliloquy. In 2003, she graduated from The Ohio State University Honors program with a BS in Psychology and a minor in Dance. Ms. Spielberg has had the pleasure of coaching talented dancers for the Youth America Grand Prix, creating a pre-professional ballet troupe, called Ballet Allongé, and teaching at local summer intensives. She lives in Columbus with her husband and two children, and is excited to share her passion for ballet.



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