Student Division

Our student division features a wide variety of classes from ballet to jazz to modern and tap. Tuition information is available online.

Every student (Level 1-Trainee) has the opportunity to perform on stage in the annual Spring Performance at a world-class venue. This event is a performance not to be missed by our community.

Students enrolled in Level 2 and up have the opportunity to audition for BalletMet’s annual production of The Nutcracker performed at the Ohio Theatre.

Classes will begin Monday, August 28. Classes are subject to change.

Registration for MAC classes will open beginning of August. Visit for more information.

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Ballet | Levels 1-7, beginning at age 8

Students are introduced to ballet technique through a comprehensive curriculum according to placement and individual progress.

Ballet 1

ClassDay Time Location
Ballet 1Monday5:45-7:00DT
Ballet 1Wednesday5:00-6:15MAC
Ballet 1Thursday7:00-8:15DT
Ballet 1Saturday10:15-11:30DT

Ballet 2

Ballet 2Monday and Friday(Mon.) 4:30-5:45 and (Fri.) 4:45-6:00DT
Ballet 2Tuesday6:15-7:30MAC
Ballet 2Tuesday and Saturday(Tues.) 6:30-7:45 and (Sat.) 9:00-10:15DT
Ballet 2 Saturday10:15-11:30DT

Ballet 3

ClassDayTime Location
Ballet 3Monday4:30-6:30DT
Ballet 3Tuesday4:30-6:30DT
Ballet 3Wednesday4:15-6:00DT
Ballet 3Thursday6:00-8:00DT
Ballet 3Saturday1:30-3:30DT

Ballet 4

Ballet 4Tuesday6:00-7:30DT
Ballet 4Wednesday6:00-7:30DT
Ballet 4Thursday6:00-7:30DT
Ballet 4Saturday9:00-10:30DT

Pointe 4

Pointe 4Thursday7:30-8:30DT
Pointe 4Saturday10:30-11:15DT

Ballet 5

ClassDayTime Location
Ballet 5Monday4:30-6:00DT
Ballet 5Tuesday6:00-7:30DT
Ballet 5Wednesday4:30-6:00DT
Ballet 5Thursday5:00-6:30DT
Ballet 5Saturday11:15-12:45DT

Pointe 5

Pointe 5Monday6:00-7:00DT
Pointe 5Thursday6:30-7:30DT
Pointe 5Saturday12:45-1:45DT

Ballet 6

ClassDayTime Location
Ballet 6Monday6:30-8:00DT
Ballet 6Tuesday5:30-7:30DT
Ballet 6Thursday4:15-5:45DT
Ballet 6Friday3:45-5:15DT
Ballet 6-VariationsFriday5:15-6:00DT
Ballet 6Saturday11:00-12:30DT

Pointe 6

Pointe 6Monday8:00-9:00DT
Pointe 6Thursday5:45-6:45DT
Pointe 6Saturday12:30-1:30DT

Ballet 7

Ballet 7Monday6:00-7:30DT
Ballet 7Tuesday4:30-6:00DT
Ballet 7Wednesday4:15-5:45DT
Ballet 7Thursday4:30-6:00DT
Ballet 7/TraineeFriday4:30-6:00DT
Pas de DeuxFriday6:00-7:00DT
Ballet 7/TraineeSaturday11:30-1:00DT

Pointe 7

Pointe 7Thursday6:00-7:00DT
Pointe 7Saturday1:00-2:00DT

Boys Ballet | Level 2+

After completing Boys Ballet 1, students enhance their skills by learning techniques from a comprehensive curriculum.

Boys Ballet 2Tuesday6:30-8:00DT
Boys Ballet 2Saturday1:00-2:30DT
Boys Ballet 3Monday6:00-7:30DT
Boys Ballet 3Wednesday7:00-8:30DT

Tap | Beginner to advanced

Develop rhythm, sound, movement and expression.

Tap 1Monday4:45-5:45DT
Tap 1Saturday9:00-10:00DT
Tap 2Tuesday4:30-5:30DT
Tap 2Saturday11:30-12:30DT
Tap 3Tuesday5:30-6:30DT
Tap 4Tuesday7:30-8:30DT
Tap 5Thursday8:00-9:00DT
Tap 6Thursday7:00-8:00DT

Jazz | Level 2+

Focus on skills including syncopation, strength, coordination and rhythm with an emphasis on style.

Pre-Jazz (Ballet 2+)Tuesday7:45-8:45DT
Jazz 1AMonday6:30-7:30DT
Jazz 1BWednesday7:30-8:45DT
Jazz 2Monday7:30-8:45DT
Jazz 2Wednesday7:30-9:00DT
Jazz 3Monday7:30-9:00DT
Jazz 3Wednesday6:00-7:30DT
Jazz 4Tuesday7:30-9:00DT

Character | Level 4+

Study the theatrical representation of traditional folk dance, which is an integral part of classical ballet repertoire.

Character 1-2 (Ballet 4+)Tuesday8:00-9:00DT
Character 3Wednesday6:00-7:00DT
Character 4Saturday2:30-3:30DT

Modern | Level 3+

Explore movement concepts including floor work, dynamics, weight-shifting, use of breath and articulation of the spine.

Pre-Modern (Ballet 3-4)Monday7:00-8:00DT
Modern 1Monday8:00-9:00DT
Modern 2Saturday1:45-3:00DT
Modern 3Thursday6:45-8:15DT
Modern 4Wednesday6:00-7:30DT

Modern Composition | Level 6+

Express creativity through the choreographic process, improvisation and innovative movement ideas.

Modern 2 CompSaturday3:00-4:00DT
Modern 3 CompThursday8:15-9:00DT
Modern 4 CompWednesday7:30-8:30DT

Performance Ensemble | Level 3+

Learn choreography from different disciplines, refine ensemble work and gain theatre experience. The Performance Ensemble performs twice a year in our Performance Space and other venues.

ClassDay Time Location
Jr. Per. Ens. Warm-UpFriday5:30-6:00DT
Performance Ens. Levels 3-6Friday6:00-8:00DT
Performance Ens. Level 7Friday7:00-9:00DT



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