Faculty and Staff

BalletMet’s Dance Academy faculty and staff come from a wide variety of dance backgrounds. Following a curriculum designed by Academy Director, Maria Torija, each instructor works with their students to develop their understanding, skills and appreciation for dance.

Maria Torija

Academy Director

Daryl Kamer

Academy Co-Founder and Coordinator of Children’s Division

Kathy Wilson

Academy Manager

Andres Estevez

Rehearsal Director

Susan Dromisky

Rehearsal Director

Dmitri Suslov

Coordinator of Performance Ensemble

Student Division, Trainee and Teen and Adult Faculty

Kate Blake
Janet Braden
Megan Davis Bushway
Kristina D’Onofrio
Laura Dustman
Darielle Eberhard
Kelly Hurlburt
Jonathan Jordan
Courtney Kelley
Brooke Moore
Elle Pierman 
Marty Roosaare
Janet Schroeder
Elaine Spielberg
Chrissy Stridsberg
Megan Tedrick
Zoica Tovar
Carrie West
Dionysia Williams


Cathi Aldrich
Olga Boronilo

Susan Dowdy
Phil Dupont
Chris Hokanson
Irina Keller
Joowon Kim
Helen Kushnir
Gabriel Myrin
Amanda O’Neil
Nyla Phillips
Bryn Tysl

Contact the Academy

322 Mount Vernon Ave.
Columbus, OH 43215