Janelle Maur

Children’s Division – Pre-Tap
Student Division – Tap 1

Janelle Maur is a tap dancer and instructor originally from Northeast Ohio. She was trained at the Christine Jones-Meneer School of Dance. In 2015, Janelle joined Movement Afoot, a performance ensemble of adult tap dancers whose mission is to educate the public about tap dance and related art forms, while giving adult dancers opportunities to continue their practice, grow as performers and choreographers, and collaborate with other dancers and musicians. She is delighted to be joining the faculty at BalletMet Academy.

In addition to her dance and choreography experience, Janelle has an extensive musical background, which translates into her educational approach to tap dance. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Music Business from Otterbein University in 2012. When she’s not teaching, Janelle works in Communications at Bridgeway Academy, an education and therapy center for children with autism.

I teach because I know that the skills you learn in a tap dance class stretch far beyond the walls of the studio. Through sharing in the joy of music and movement, students gain confidence, learn how to listen, work together to achieve a common goal, and learn about an important American art form in the process.