Janet Schroeder Academy Faculty

Janet Schroeder

Student Division: Tap

Janet Schroeder, MFA, is a percussive dance artist, scholar, and teacher, with a particular interest in tap dance, Appalachian clogging, and body percussion. She maintains her physical practice of these rhythmic dance forms throughout the U.S. and Mexico, creating and presenting choreography as well as taking and teaching classes. Schroeder’s explorations of rhythm in dance have recently taken her to Mexico, Appalachia, Chicago, New York City, the Berkshires, Greece, and France.

Schroeder’s current research project is a comparative analysis of tap dance and Appalachian step dance, which specifically foregrounds the cultural values of “innovation” and “ongoingness” in presentations of the forms on the concert dance stage from the late 1970s to the present. Additionally, her analysis addresses these dance forms as ethno-racial projects and examines their roles in cultural representation to explore the stage as a site of ethnic and racial formation where different iterations of Americanness are on display.

From 2005-2010 Schroeder toured with music and dance company Rhythm in Shoes, and she continues to engage in percussive dance residencies in communities and universities across the country. She holds a BFA in musical theatre from Ohio Northern University, an MFA in dance from The College at Brockport, SUNY, and is currently a PhD candidate in dance studies at The Ohio State University.

I teach because movement and dancing bring me great joy, and I love to share that with students.