Kelly Hurlburt Academy Faculty

Kelly Hurlburt

Student Division: Modern

Kelly Hurlburt is an artist and dancer with roots in Columbus, Ohio. She received her B.F.A in Dance at The Ohio State University, with a focus in Alternative Medicine/Movement Therapy. Kelly can be found facilitating modern, ballet and improvisational dance in the Columbus community, dancing in local projects and creating new work as a co-director of SeaBus Dance Company. Her attempts to digest many forms and approaches in dance have sent her on international training, teaching and performance experiences in Israel, China, Spain and Denmark,  where she performed and led workshops at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing, Shanghai University, Beijing Dance Academy, Zichri Theater in Kibbutz, Ga’aton and throughout the natural landscapes of the Jutlands in Denmark. Kelly frequently travels nationally, as well, to Earthdance, SFDI and other workshops led by Nancy Stark Smith, KJ Holmes and Karen Nelson. She has studied and performed under the guidance of mentors such as Bebe Miller, Noa Zuk, Abby Zbikowski, Ann Sofie Clemmensen and Susan Van Pelt Petry. Her desire to harmonize holistic health and dance movement have set her on the path to bringing improvisation to the forefront of her research, cultivating deeper connection between mind and body in her movement in order to reach new physicalities.

As an instructor, I believe in the importance of honing not only technical skill, but also developing artistic agency through quality and intention. Improvisation is one of the tool I to train in this way. I expect and encourage my students of all ages, levels and abilities to embody the experience fully, asking questions and digging deeper than shape or surface.