Leotards for 2017-18

This year we are excited to announce new leotards that align with the high-quality training and professional standards taught at BalletMet Dance Academy. The new leotards come in four colors, distinguished by level.

Students can view our online sizing chart or try on leotards in person at BalletMet.

Leotards are $45 each. As a special offer for returning students from the 2016/17 year, leotards are 20% if ordered by September 1. The discount will be included with your final payment. To order your leotard please fill out the form below. Each order requires a $25 deposit which will be used towards the total cost of the leotard.

Dress Code

Leotard Colors

Mini Movers, Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet 5, 6 & 7Light Pink$45
Ballet 1 and Ballet 2Gray$45
Ballet 3, Ballet 4, Ballet 5Navy Blue$45
Ballet 6, Ballet 7, TraineesBlack$45

Leotard Sizing Charts

Children’s Leotard Sizes
B19-20 in.18-19 in.19-20 in.35-37 in.
C20-21 in.18-20 in.21-22 in.37-39 in.
D22-24 in.20-21 in.23-25 in.40-43 in.
E25-27 in. 21-23 in.26-28 in.44-48 in.
F26-29 in.23-25 in.29-31 in.49-52 in.

Adult Leotard Sizes
PS (Petite Small)30-32 in.23-25 in.31-34 in.51-54 in.
Small30-33 in.23-26 in.33-35 in.54-57 in.
Medium34-37 in.25-28 in.35-38 in.57-60 in.
Large37-41 in.28-32 in.38-42 in.61-64 in.
XL41-43 in.32-35 in.42-45 in.64-67 in.

Leotard Order Form

  • Light Pink

    Mini Movers, Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet 5, 6 & 7
  • Gray

    Ballet 1 and Ballet 2
  • Navy Blue

    Ballet 3, Ballet 4, Ballet 5
  • Black

    Ballet 6, Ballet 7, Trainee
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