Children’s Division

Children ages three-seven will develop creativity, rhythm, self-expression all while learning basic dance skills in our Children’s Division classes.

Students enrolled in Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Boys Ballet 1 and Pre-Tap classes have the opportunity to highlight their skills at special in-studio showings during class.

Classes begin Aug. 27, 2018.

Registration for MAC classes will open beginning of August. Visit for more information.


Mini Movers | 3 years old

Develops creativity and coordination with a focus on rhythm, movement, music, imagination and fun.

Mini MoversSaturday 10:30-11:00 AMDT
Mini MoversSaturday12:45-1:15 PMMAC

Fun Intro Session

Introductory dance sessions with rotating themes and age groups.

Fun Intro SessionSaturday12:00-12:45 PMMAC

Creative Movement | 4 years old

Creates a stimulating environment through dance and movement while focusing on creativity, group interaction and the joy of self-expression.

Creative MovementTuesday4:00-4:45 PMMAC
Creative MovementWednesday4:30-5:15 PMDT
Creative MovementSaturday9:45-10:30 AMDT
Creative MovementSaturday11:45 AM-12:30 PMDT

Pre-Ballet 5, 6 & 7 | 5–7 years old

Encourages imagination, self- expression and group interaction while introducing basic dance and music concepts.

Pre-Ballet 5Tuesday4:45-5:30 PMMAC
Pre-Ballet 5Wednesday5:15-6:00 PMDT
Pre-Ballet 5Saturday9:00-9:45 AMDT
Pre-Ballet 6Monday4:30-5:15 PMDT
Pre-Ballet 6Tuesday5:30-6:15 PMMAC
Pre-Ballet 6Tuesday4:30-5:15 PMDT
Pre-Ballet 6Saturday10:00-10:45 AMDT
Pre-Ballet 7Monday5:15-6:15 PMDT
Pre Ballet 7Tuesday5:15-6:15 PMDT
Pre-Ballet 7Wednesday6:15-7:15 PMMAC
Pre-Ballet 7Saturday9:00-10:00 AMDT

Pre-Tap 1 & 2 | 6-7 years old

Learn basic tap movements with this energetic class. No experience required for Pre-Tap 1. Experience is required for Pre-Tap 2.

Pre-Tap 1Tuesday5:30-6:15 PMDT
Pre-Tap 1Saturday10:45-11:30 AMDT
Pre-Tap 2Monday4:30-5:15 PMDT
Pre-Tap 2Saturday10:00-10:45 AMDT




322 Mount Vernon Ave.
Columbus, OH 43215
P: 614.224.1672

MAC (McConnell Arts Center)
777 Evening St
Columbus, OH 43085
P: 614.431.0329