Are you accepting new students this year?

We will be accepting new students in our virtual classes.  If there is room for new students to join our Comprehensive or Flex program they will be placed off of the waiting list on a first come first served basis.  Please note that new students will need to be placed into the appropriate levels by an Academy faculty member.  You will be contacted if a spot opens in the appropriate level.

How does the hybrid plan work?

Students will attend class in-person 1-2 days a week depending on their level.  They will attend class virtually the other 2 days each week.  Once COVID-19 restrictions are eased we will move more students into in-person class.

Can I select my hybrid days?

Spots are very limited and it’s possible there won’t be open slots on the day you prefer.  Our advice is to register as soon as possible.

If I miss an in-person class can I join another in-person class?

Unfortunately, due to social distancing there is a limited number of students per class so you may not switch to another In-Person class.  However, all classes are offered virtually so you may join another virtual class to make up for a missed In-Person class.  Please email to request a makeup virtual spot.

What classes can I take virtually?

All of the classes BalletMet teaches will be available virtually.  Yes, even the In-Person classes will have a virtual component so you can still take class with your friends.

Why aren’t all levels in-person?

Due to social distancing, there are a limited number of students allowed in our studios and buildings so unfortunately, we do not have room for all of our classes to be In-Person.  Changes to this situation may occur during the Academic year due to the evolving COVID-19 situation.

What happens if the state mandates a shutdown?

All In-Person classes have a coordinating virtual presentation. If our studios need to shut down our In-Person students will move into the virtual program until the studios are open again.

Can I join the virtual class if I can’t make the in-person class?

You may, simply email or call/text our virtual class helpline so we can ensure you’re added to the coordinating virtual class.

How do I access the virtual classes?

If you are registered for a particular class you will receive a zoom link 60 minutes prior to the start of the class.

How will BalletMet maintain a healthy environment?

BalletMet Faculty, Staff and Students are expected to work together to follow our COVID guidelines to maintain a healthy environment.  Please review the COVID Guidebook to review our health and safety procedures.

What is BalletMets’ facemask policy?

Facemasks are required in BalletMet buildings at all times, including during classes.  Students are required to wear BalletMet approved facemasks.

Do you recommend any special flooring flor virtual classes?

Yes, our company dancers are using this flooring from Harlequin.