Trainee Program

Our Trainee program is nationally recognized. We annually select students from our Summer Intensive audition tour as well as video auditions to participate in the Trainee Program.

Our Training

Trainees receive a full course of dance study, which includes ballet, pointe, jazz, modern, character dance, pas de deux, rep and variations. Trainees also take part in lectures about nutrition, anatomy, marketing and other aspects of ballet company administration.

There are 2 levels of trainees as well as a boys training program.

Our typical schedule is similar to below

Ballet Technique 1 hr 30 min-1 hr 45 min daily (Mon-Sat)
Male Ballet/Variations 1 hr daily (M-F)
Pointe/Variations/Rep 1 hr daily (M-F)
Pas de Deux 1 hr per week
Jazz 1 hr 30 min per week
Modern/Comp 4 hours per week
Pilates 1 hour per week
Misc other styles

Trainees typically train 6 days and approximately 30 hours a week.

Performance Opportunities

All trainees have the opportunity to be observed for selection by BalletMet Artistic Staff to perform with the BalletMet professional company as well as the second company. Last year our trainees performed in The Nutcracker, Don Quixote and Cinderella.

Attendance at the Summer Intensive Program is recommended for students who are accepted into BalletMet Trainee Program. The BalletMet Trainee Program is tuition based. Merit scholarships are awarded to selected trainees and financial aid is available to those who qualify.

Our Faculty

Become a BalletMet Trainee

Trainees are selected through auditions.

Our auditions for the 20/21 trainee program are currently in progress. View audition cities and dates here.

We love Columbus, you will too!

Trainee FAQ

How long is the Trainee Program? In 2019, the program begins 8/26/19. The Trainee program beings and ends with our Academy year. The final performance is the Spring Performance which is June 5 and June 6, 2020.

Does BalletMet assist with finding housing and roommates? We have some local apartment buildings that have housed trainees in the past. They are The View on Grant, The Seneca, The Abigail and The Normandy. These are all in walking distance to BalletMet. We can also recommend certain zip codes for those that have transportation.
We are happy to connect students if you’d like to try and find a roommate.

What is tuition? Tuition for the Trainee Program for 2020-21 is $7670.00 per student.

Are there scholarships? Yes, there are limited merit based scholarships that are awarded at the discretion of the Academy Director.

Is there financial aid? Yes, there is limited need based financial aid available.

Are there performance opportunities? Trainees perform in the performance ensemble shows, in Academy roles in The Nutcracker and in the Trainee Showcase and the Spring Performance. At the artistic staff’s discretion, trainees may be asked to perform in roles with The Company. In previous season trainees have performed in Giselle, The Nutcracker, Dorothy and the Prince of Oz, Cinderella, Serenade, and are expected to participate* in the 19/20 season of Twisted3, Alice, and The Nutcracker .

If you have any questions, please email Kathy Wilson at

*Subject to change

2019-20 BalletMet Trainees

Evelyn Beard BalletMet Trainee

Evelyn Beard

Bo Electra Bischoff BalletMet Trainee

Bo Bischoff

Megan Boyette BalletMet Trainee

Megan Boyette

Angelina Broad BalletMet Trainee

Angelina Broad

Sophia Buell BalletMet Trainee

Sophia Buell

BalletMet Trainee Avalou Burns

Avalou Burns

BalletMet Trainee Cheyanne Burroughs

Cheyanne Burroughs

Gillian Carr BalletMet Trainee

Gillian Carr

Christian Chester BalletMet Trainee

Christian Chester

Nathan Cronheim-Strasser BalletMet Trainee

Nathan Cronheim-Strasser

Gabrielle Cutrona BalletMet Trainee

Gabrielle Cutrona

BalletMet Trainee Joey DeCola

Joey DeCola

Emma Diehl BalletMet Trainee

Emma Diehl

Nichole DGiovanni BalletMet Trainee

 Nicole Digiovanni

Lucy Fernandes BalletMet Trainee

 Lucy Fernandes

Vincent Harris BalletMet Trainee

Vincent Harris

BalletMet Trainee Avery Held

Avery Held

Ariana Henke BalletMet Trainee

Ariana Henke

BalletMet Trainee Cassandra Hope

Cassandra Hope

BalletMet Trainee Megan Hug

Megan Hug

Noah Hug BalletMet Trainee

Noah Hug

Amanda Hwang BalletMet Trainee

Amanda Hwang

Sumi Ichikawa BalletMet Trainee

Sumi Ichikawa

BalletMet Trainee Erin Jenkins

Erin Jenkins

No Image

Dominique Jones

Molly Kayden BalletMet Trainee

Molly Kayden

No Image

Nicolette Leamon

Devon Lee BalletMet Trainee

Devon Lee

BalletMet Trainee Emily Luria

Emily Luria

Caroline Mack BalletMet Trainee

Caroline Mack

Adrien Malof BalletMet Trainee

Adrien Malof

BalletMet Trainee Alicia Marcondes

Alicia Marcondes

BalletMet Trainee Nicole Martinez

Nicole Martinez

Hailey Maynard BalletMet Trainee

Hailey Maynard

No Image

Neve Wilcox

Darcy McLoughlin BalletMet Trainee

Darcy McLoughlin

Katie Merritt BalletMet Trainee

Katie Merritt

Jacob Mingus BalletMet Trainee

Jacob Mingus

Malerie Moore BalletMet Trainee

Malerie Moore

BalletMet Trainee Chloe Morales

Chloe Morales

BalletMet Trainee Polina Meyers

 Polina Myers

BalletMet Trainee Sydney Owens

Sydney Owens

Rachel Paradis BalletMet Trainee

 Rachel Paradis

Anya Phillips BalletMet Trainee

Anya Phillips

Ellen Pierce BalletMet Trainee

 Ellen Pierce

BalletMet Trainee Tori Pontious

Tori Pontious

BalletMet Trainee Xavier Pugliese-Ciulei

Xavier Pugliese-Ciulei

Reagan Ramsey BalletMet Trainee

 Reagan Ramsey

Jillian Sadler BalletMet Trainee

Jillian Sadler

Jessica Schmitt BalletMet Trainee

Jessica Schmitt

Zoe Simon BalletMet Trainee

Zoe Simons


Liza Smelyanska BalletMet Trainee

Liza Smelyanska

Lani Spratt BalletMet Trainee

Lani Spratt

Simon Squires BalletMet Trainee

Simon Squires

Abigail Stewart BalletMet Trainee

Abigail Stewart

Madeline Talbot BalletMet Trainee

Madelin Talbot

Pamela Veltri BalletMet Trainee

Pamela Veltri

Charlotte Westman BalletMet Trainee

Charlotte Westman

BalletMet Trainee Hannah Wood

Hannah Wood

Trainee Spotlight