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To audition please submit a video audition below by April 1st. In-person auditions have concluded for 2020.

*We encourage any dancers that missed the Ballet Arizona audition due to the I-10 accident to submit a video audition below.

Submit A Video Audition


In-person auditions have concluded for 2020. Please submit a video audition below to be considered for BalletMet’s 2020 Summer Intensive.

Junior Intensive Alternative Audition Options

If dancers age 8-11 cannot attend either the 1/26/20 or 2/23/20 BalletMet auditions, please contact Juliann Ferguson at to arrange for an in-class audition. In lieu of an audition, dancers may provide a letter of recommendation from their current dance instructor. Letters of recommendation can be emailed to Juliann Ferguson or mailed to BalletMet, 322 Mount Vernon Avenue, Columbus, OH 43215. This applies to Junior Intensive only.

All dancers auditioning by in-class audition or letter of recommendation, must complete the 2020 Audition Form and pay the $30 non-refundable audition fee.

Video Auditions

Dancers auditioning through video must register online and pay the $30 non-refundable audition fee.

After registering online, dancers must complete the 2020 Audition Form and email it to or mail it to BalletMet along with the required photos (any size headshot and photo in first arabesque position). Video auditions are accepted through April 1, 2020. Video submissions should be recorded and uploaded to a video sharing site such as YouTube or DVDs mailed to BalletMet. Email and mailing information will be provided in the registration confirmation email.

Click to view video audition guidelines!


  • Close up photo of the applicant’s face (examples: headshot, a school photo or a passport photo)
  • Full body photo in first arabesque


A single video file no more than 15 minutes in length containing the elements outlined below. Videos not complying with all elements may not be considered. Only one side needs to be shown of each combination. The frame of the video should show the full body throughout and not include any dancers other than the applicant. The video must be taken recently and not more than 3 months prior to submission. Videos of performances or solo variations will not be considered.

Ladies ages 14 and up should complete all combinations on pointe. Ladies ages 12 and 13 should wear soft, technique or de-shanked shoes for all combinations except for the pointe work combination which should be completed on pointe. This combination may be placed at the end of the video after grand allegro.

  • Barre work (maximum of 5 minutes; only one side need of each combination)
    • pliés, tendus, adagio, grand
  • Centre Work (maximum 10 minutes)
    • Pirouette combination with pirouettes en-dehors and en-dedans
    • Adagio
    • Allegro combinations:
      • Small jumps
      • Medium size allegro, including assemblés, jetés, sissonnes, etc.
      • Men, please include tours en l’air right and left
    • Pointe work (ladies only): warm up échappés, retirés, double pirouettes en-dehors and en-dedans on pointe
    • Grand allegro: The running time of the combination should be 32 to maximum 64 bars (measures) length of music:
      • Ladies should include a diagonal of turning steps
      • Men should include cabrioles, entrechats six and double tours en l’air

Submit A Video Audition!