Student Division

Our student division features a wide variety of classes from ballet to jazz to modern and tap.

Every student (Level 1-Trainee) has the opportunity to perform on stage in the annual Spring Performance at a world-class venue. This event is a performance not to be missed by our community.

Students enrolled in Level 2 and up have the opportunity to audition for BalletMet’s annual production of The Nutcracker performed at the Ohio Theatre.

The schedules below are for the 2018-19 classes. Registration for those classes has closed. 

Check back for information on our 2019-20 classes!


Ballet, Levels 1-7

Students are introduced to ballet technique through a comprehensive curriculum.

Level 1

Level 1 Ballet*Monday6:15-7:30 PMDT
Level 1 Ballet*Tuesday6:15-7:30 PMDT
Level 1 Ballet*Wednesday5:00-6:15 PMMAC
Level 1 Ballet*Thursday4:30-5:45 PMDT
Level 1 Ballet*Saturday10:30-11:45 AMDT

*Classes are currently full. Students interested in this class should call  614-229-4860 for more information.

Level 2

Level 2 BalletMonday4:30-6:00 PMDT
Level 2 BalletTuesday4:30-6:00 PMDT
Level 2 BalletTuesday6:15-7:45 PMMAC
Level 2 BalletWednesday6:00-7:30 PMDT
Level 2 BalletFriday6:00-7:30 PMDT
Level 2 BalletSaturday9:00-10:30 AMDT

Level 3

Level 3 BalletMonday4:30-6:30 PMDT
Level 3 BalletWednesday4:30-6:30 PMDT
Level 3 BalletThursday4:30-6:30 PMDT
Level 3 BalletSaturday1:30-3:30 PMDT

Level 4

Level 4 Ballet*Monday6:00-7:30 PMDT
Level 4 BalletTuesday6:00-7:30 PMDT
Level 4 BalletWednesday6:00-7:30 PMDT
Level 4 BalletThursday6:30-8:00 PMDT
Level 4 BalletSaturday9:00-10:30 AMDT

*Registration is limited. Students interested in this class should call  614-229-4860 for more information.

Level 5

Level 5 BalletMonday6:00-7:30 PMDT
Level 5 BalletTuesday7:30-9:00 PMDT
Level 5 BalletWednesday4:30-6:00 PMDT
Level 5 BalletThursday4:30-6:00 PMDT
Level 5 BalletSaturday12:00-1:30 PMDT

Level 6

Level 6 BalletMonday6:30-8:00 PMDT
Level 6 Ballet and PointeTuesday5:30-7:30 PMDT
Level 6 BalletWednesday6:30-8:00 PMDT
Level 6 BalletThursday4:15-5:45 PMDT
Level 6 BalletFriday3:45-5:15 PMDT
Level 6 BalletSaturday11:00-12:30 AMDT

Level 7

Level 7 BalletMonday4:00-5:30 PMDT
Level 7 BalletTuesday4:30-6:00 PMDT
Level 7 BalletWednesday4:15-6:00 PMDT
Level 7 BalletThursday4:30-6:00 PMDT
Level 7 BalletFriday4:30-6:00 PMDT
Level 7 BalletSaturday1:15-2:45 PMDT


Level 4

Level 4 PointeThursday8:00-9:00 PMDT
Level 4 PointeSaturday10:30-11:30 AMDT

Level 5

Level 5 PointeMonday7:30-8:30 PMDT
Level 5 PointeThursday6:00-7:00 PMDT
Level 5 PointeSaturday1:30-2:30 PMDT

Level 6

Level 6 PointeMonday8:00-9:00 PMDT
Level 6 PointeThursday5:45-6:45 PMDT
Level 6 VariationsFriday5:15-6:00PMDT
Level 6 PointeSaturday12:30-1:30 PMDT

Level 7

Level 7 PointeMonday5:30-6:30 PMDT
Level 7 Pas De DuexWednesday6:00-7:00 PMDT
Level 7 PointeFriday6:00-7:00 PMDT
Level 7 VariationsSaturday 2:45-3:45 PMDT

Boys Ballet

Students enhance their skills by learning techniques from a comprehensive curriculum.

Boys Ballet 1Friday6:00-7:15 PMDT
Boys Ballet 2Thursday6:00-7:30 PMDT
Boys 2 ConditioningThursday7:30-8:30 PMDT
Boys Ballet 3Tuesday6:00-7:30 PMDT
Boys 3/4 ConditioningTuesday7:30-8:30 PMDT
Boys Ballet 3Friday4:30-6:00 PMDT
Boys 3/4 ConditioningSaturday1:30-2:30 PMDT
Boys Ballet 4Monday7:30-9:00 PMDT
Boys 4 VariationsFriday6:00-7:00 PMDT
Boys Ballet 4Saturday10:30 AM-12:00 PMDT


Students develop rhythm, sound, movement and expression.

Tap 1Monday5:15-6:15 PMDT
Tap 1Saturday9:00-10:00 AMDT
Tap 2Tuesday6:15-7:15 PMDT
Tap 2Saturday11:30 AM-12:30 PMDT
Tap 3Saturday12:30-1:30 PMDT
Tap 4Wednesday5:00-6:00 PMDT
Tap 5Thursday7:00-8:00 PMDT
Tap 6Wednesday8:00-9:00 PMDT
Tap 7Thursday8:00-9:00 PMDT


Students focus on skills including syncopation, strength, coordination and rhythm with an emphasis on style.

Level 3 JazzMonday6:30-7:30 PMDT
Level 4 Jazz*Monday7:30-9:00 PMDT
Level 5 JazzWednesday6:00-7:30 PMDT
Level 6 JazzTuesday7:30-9:00 PMDT
Level 7 JazzTuesday6:00-7:30 PMDT

*Registration is limited. Students interested in this class should call  614-229-4860 for more information.


Students study the theatrical representation of traditional folk dance, which is an integral part of classical ballet repertoire.

Level 4 CharacterTuesday7:30-8:30 PMDT
Level 5 CharacterWednesday7:30-8:30 PMDT
Level 6 CharacterSaturday1:30-2:30 PMDT


Students explore movement concepts including floor work, dynamics, weight-shifting, use of breath and articulation of the spine.

Level 6 ModernThursday6:45-8:45 PMDT
Level 7 Modern with Modern CompWednesday7:00-9:00 PMDT

Performance Ensemble

Students learn choreography from different disciplines, refine ensemble work and gain theatre experience. The Performance Ensemble performs twice a year in our Performance Space and other venues.

Level 4 Performance EnsembleFriday6:00-8:00 PMDT
Level 5 Performance EnsembleFriday6:00-8:00 PMDT
Level 6 Performance EnsembleFriday6:00-8:00 PMDT
Level 7 Performance EnsembleThursday6:00-8:00 PMDT




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P: 614.224.1672

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