Student Division Level Five

Classes for the 2020-2021 Academy Year

 With COVID-19 health and safety requirements in mind, BalletMet Academy will offer three types of dance training during the 2020-2021 Academic Year.   Teaching settings include In-Person, Hybrid and All Virtual Classes.  Rest assured, whether you are in-person or online; our faculty will provide the best possible experience and training. Changes to our training settings may have to occur during the Academic year due to the evolving COVID-19 situation.

Please note due to limited numbers of spaces for in-person classes; not all classes are available in all teaching settings. However, you can take any class we offer virtually.

Please contact Kathy Wilson,, for registration inquiries.

Questions? Read our Academy FAQ and our COVID-19 Policies.

COVID-19 Policies

Level 5 Class Times

Level 5

Level 5Monday6:30-8:00
Level 5Tuesday4:30-6:00
Level 5Wednesday6:00-7:30
Level 5Thursday4:45-6:15
Level 5Friday6:00-7:30
Level 5Saturday12:45-2:15

Level 5 Pointe

Level 5 PointeMonday8:00-9:00
Level 5 PointeThursday6:15-7:15
Level 5 PointeFriday7:30-8:30
Level 5 PointeSaturday2:15-3:15

Boys Level 5

Boys Level 5/6Friday7:30-9:00
Boys Level 5+ ConditioningWednesday7:30-8:00

Level 5 Jazz, Character, Tap and Virtual Pilates

Jazz 5Tuesday6:00-7:00
Character 5Tuesday7:15-8:15
Tap 5Thursday7:15-8:15
Virtual PilatesMonday7:00-8:00
Virtual PilatesTuesday4:30-5:30
Virtual PilatesWednesday4:30-5:30

Comprehensive Program

Level Five Comprehensive Classes consist of:

  • Five 90-minute Ballet Classes
  • Two Pointe (or One Conditioning for Males) Classes
  • One Jazz Class
  • One Character Class

You may also add a Tap or Virtual Pilates Class to your package for an additional fee.

All slots are in-person; however these classes will also be offered in our flex hybrid/all virtual program.

Comprehensive Tuition (this pricing also applies to All Virtual Comprehensive)

Level 5Package PriceMonthly PaymentPaid in Full by 9/8/20
Comprehensive Package$4275$475$4060
Tap Add On$25$215
Virtual Pilates Add On$25$215
Virtual Pilates and Tap Add On$40$340

Flex Program

  • Flex students that wish to take ballet must take a minimum of three Ballet Classes
  • Flex students may take jazz, pilates or tap with no minimum classes
  • Flex may end up as one day virtual and two in person
  • Pricing is based on the number of classes you will be taking
# of ClassesMonthly PaymentTotalPaid in Full by 9/8/20
Three 90-min ballet$255$2,295
One class$105$945$900
Two classes$185 $1,665
Three classes$255$2,295$2,180
Four classes$305$2,745

Five classes
Six classes$380
Any Additional$35$315$300