The Artistic Director

The Artistic Director is the person who makes all the artistic decisions for the company. He or she chooses which dancers, choreographers, designers, etc. will be hired by the company, selects which ballets will be performed and is actively involved in all aspects of company business.

The Ballet Master & Mistress

After the ballets to be performed have been chosen, they are taught to the dancers by the Choreographer, Ballet Master or Ballet Mistress of BalletMet. The process of teaching dance movements averages out at about 1 hour per minute of choreography but can take longer if the dance is particularly intricate. Once the steps are learned, then the real work of perfecting them begins. This process is actually never ending, as no matter how many times a ballet is performed, there are always new things to learn or discover about the piece.

The Choreographer

The choreographer is the artist who creates the dance piece. The choreographer chooses the music, the steps, where the dancers will stand on stage, the order of the movements, and many other decisions. Choreographing a dance is like making a painting or composing music. Sometimes the choreographer tells a story with the movements but often the choreographer creates an abstract work that is beautiful or interesting to both the artist and the audience.

The Dancers

A dancer begins to train many years before seeking a job as a professional dancer and for strength, muscular control and flexibility. They must also perfect their movements so that they appear effortless, learn techniques to communicate stories and emotions without using words, and develop an awareness of music. They train in much the same way as an athlete does.