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Allegro Brillante

Date: May 8-9 1981 (Columbus Premiere)


Choreography: George Balanchine

Staged by: William Spencer

Music: Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky (Piano Concerto #3 in E Flat Major, Op 75)

Costumes Design: David Jordan

Lighting: Jack Kamer


“Allegro Brillante” is a pure choreographic exercise without plot, incident or specific mood, set to Tchaikovsky’s  unfinished third piano concerto, Opus 75 in E flat.  Its point is the exploitation of brilliant classical action through fresh sequences of steps and constantly shifting patterns.


Dancers: Kathy Brenner, David Jordan, Cher Carnell, Lori Massie, Susan Perry, Kymme Wright, Jon Adams, David Keener, Mark Rhodes, Angelo Woodman


Conductor: Evan Whallon

Pianist: Bela Szilagyi


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