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(Compiled April 2004)

Known as "the face of techno," Richard Hall was born in New York City on September 11, 1965. The name "Moby" comes from Hall's great-great-granduncle, American author Herman Melville. He is a Christian, a vegan and philosophy graduate from the University of Connecticut as well as being credited with being a major artist behind the commercialization of techno music.

Moby was raised in Connecticut and encouraged to be creative by his mother who raised him by herself after his father died. By the time he was 10, he had learned classical guitar. In his teens and twenty's, he was playing in rock and punk bands most notably the Vatican Commandos.

Moby discovered, and quickly moved in on the dance club scene in 1980's New York City. "I was drawn to it, I started reading about it, started hanging out in clubs. For me house music was the synthesis of the punk era." His first LP, 1995's "Everything is Wrong" is a versatile record blending the hardcore sound of his early bands, ambient music and his foray onto the dance floor. He took at turn with his next release, "Animal Rights," which drew heavily on punk and metal.

It was with "Play" in 1999 that he received two Grammy nominations, critical acclaim and air play on radio stations all over the country. Drawing on hip-hop and blues, "Play" also sampled portions of recordings made by anthropologist Alan Lomax.

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