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40’s (1987)

Date: February 26-28, 1987

Location: The Ohio Theatre

Other performances in 1987:

Date: March 7, 1987

Location: Chillicothe High School Auditorium


Date: June 3-4, 1987

Location: The Ohio Theatre


Date: October 15-17, 1987

Location: The Ohio Theatre

Choreography: Lou Conte

Music: Sy Oliver and Ralph Burns


Costume Design: Julie Nagle

Lighting: Jennifer Tipton


Dancers: Susan Baker, Kathy Brenner, James Cameron, Mark Cisler, Anastasia Glimidakis, Elizabeth Harano, Daren Savage, Susan Stowe, Kathy Thompson, Catherine Yoshimura.




The “40’s” is a fast moving dance piece featuring music from the sound track of “New York, New York.” Thirteen performers in costumes complete with top hats and canes dance in this jazz celebration. “The 40’s” is reflective of Conte’s style that combines the strength, technique, and grace of ballet, with the explosive energy and style of jazz, and the neet, rhythmic footwork of tap.