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Barbara Zuck - The Columbus Dispatch

"...BalletMet's The Nutcracker delivered all the enchantment and charm one could hope for...It blends accessibility, humor, tradition and great dancing--the stuff cherished Nutcracker memories are made of."
Steve Sucato - The Buffalo News

"Not every regional ballet company can commission pieces from such internationally known choreographers. But since it was transformed from a civic ballet into a professional troupe in 1978, BalletMet has placed an accent on new choreography. The company's openness to new currents is refreshing...Hisham Omardien and Sonia Welker's pas de deux in Gazebo Dances was a mesmerizing tour de force. Passion surfaces dramatically amid the swoons, arabesques and lifts when Ms. Welker, wonderful in her projection, twists back into a public facade--the arm-in-arm walk."
Anna Kisselgoff - The New York Times

"What impresses most about this company lies in their obvious commitment, not only to technique and challenging choreography, but to what these elements-when accompanied by the right combination of talented performers and complementary costumes and music-have the potential to portray. Most compelling about Stanton Welch's Play, and indeed about the BalletMet itself, is that there is no proverbial 'weak link.' Instead, one witnesses an ensemble in which the strength of each and every character stands out, creating a unity within the very chaos suggested by the piece. Had I one word to describe my impression of the BalletMet Columbus upon seeing their New York City debut at The Joyce Theater, I would choose 'intelligent.' That there was never a dull a moment during the three half-hour ballets performed by the company was due not only to innovative choreographers and the dancers' technical strength but in BalletMet's extraordinary aptitude for storytelling."
Jennifer E. Wesnousky - www.exploredance.com

"The overall quality of the dancing was impressive Friday...What I'd go back to see again is the easy confidence and excitement [the dancers] brought to the new work on the program."
Elaine Guregian - Akron Beacon Journal

"The spacious 250-seat 'black box' theater puts BalletMet in a very exclusive club among professional dance troupes worldwide...It's another smart move for this well-managed troupe."
Barbara Zuck - The Columbus Dispatch

"The best classical dance company in Ohio."
Wilma Salisbury - Cleveland Plain Dealer

"It's hard to believe that this Ohio-based company, which has a solid 26-year history and an impressive record of commissioning 63 original works, has never been seen in Manhattan until now." "In Deanna Carter's Colores de Alma, the men are quietly assertive, and the women revel in the curves and sculptural flow of their movement…. In Stanton Welch's Play, the dancers gave it their all, never drawing attention to themselves, but meeting the choreographer's demands with powerfully focused and committed performances."
Susan Reiter - DanceView Times

"By the end of the program, BalletMet Columbus had won us over…rising above the dreaded stigma of 'regionalism' to national caliber…. The earnest, unassuming performances of its 28 dancers won New York's heart."
Gus Solomons Jr. - Gay City News

"In the world premiere of Dwight Rhoden's Carmina Burana, the cast of 21 dancers depicts voracious lovers, gluttonous monks and evil spirits. Wildly energizing the stage, the dancers wrap themselves around low benches, rush downstage to dip their hands in a symbolic trough of water and run upstage to climb a prickly wall of steel rods that sometimes changes shapes. Fiery ensemble dances develop into a violent orgy that ultimately resolves into a joyous celebration. The dancers gave it their all."
Wilma Salisbury - Cleveland Plain Dealer

"The Columbus company has developed into Ohio's most innovative ballet troupe."
Barbara Zuck - The Columbus Dispatch