Discover Dance Scholarship Program

BalletMet Dance Academy scholarship program offers students in the Central Ohio area opportunities for quality dance education and training. Scholarships require an audition and must be renewed annually based upon review of criteria.

Audition Dates

The final audition for students who pass the preliminary audition is Saturday, May 15, 2021, 4:00-6:00pm

Read our FAQs.

Please find a virtual copy of this year’s registration and release form as a Word Document and as a PDF. Note that we need a parent/guardian signature on the third page. You may print or fill out the forms electronically and email a copy or a photo of the completed forms to [email protected], or fax them to 614-224-3697. If you would prefer to fill out and sign an electronic copy through DocuSign, please contact [email protected].

Criteria to be Considered (Listed in Order of Importance)

Students must be age 8-12 as of September 1, 2021 (grades 2-5) and not already enrolled at BalletMet. Scholarships are awarded by audition only and are not available to current BalletMet Dance Academy students.

High potential for dance training, primarily in ballet

Student desire

Family commitment

Student/Parent Requirements


Above average dance learning progress

Potential for further intensive dance training

Family commitment and transportation

Attendance at all required meetings

Good grades in school are strongly recommended

Evening summer study is recommended


Fully funded tuition for two classes each week (total of three hours) that are chosen by BalletMet and follow a prescribed course of study

Complimentary tickets to select BalletMet performances

Learn more about our Discover Dance program and how it’s impacted one recipient in this video:

*Please Note

BalletMet reserves the right to revoke a student’s scholarship funding at any time, not renew a student’s scholarship and/or dismiss them from BalletMet’s Dance Academy Scholarship Program for any reason. Written notification will be given. Parents/guardians may also remove their child from the Scholarship Program at any time with written notification.


For questions and more information email [email protected].