Summary of Impact and Focus

The mission of BalletMet Department of Education is to provide quality dance experiences that are informative, inspirational and accessible so that the entire community may appreciate and enjoy the art of dance.

Through its DanceReach programs, BalletMet has taken a leadership role in collaborative arts education efforts to educate and inspire the leaders of the future. DanceReach strives to positively affect the lives of school-age youth to make teaching and learning more effective and to provide a wide population with the opportunity to learn about dance as a viable subject for lifelong learning and personal growth. As the need and demand for arts education programs and services has increased, schools have been forced to reduce and or eliminate programs due to funding challenges. BalletMet is working with our partners to maintain these valuable services.

BalletMet continues to refine its education programs to provide more substantive, curriculum-based, sequential and age-appropriate offerings that fully engage both teachers and students in the learning process. This refinement has led to an emphasis on intensive, multi-week programs – especially in schools and Early Childhood centers – to increase educational impact on students. Meaningful classroom learning tools and audience development programs are also offered that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of dance.

BalletMet’s Education Goals

Providing the highest quality instruction has always been at the forefront of BalletMet’s focus. Instructors use five criteria when teaching to ensure that students are learning at their full potential:

  • Student engagement
  • Purposeful experiences creating or engaging with works of art
  • Emotional openness and honesty
  • Experimentation, exploration and inquiry
  • Ownership/ feelings of success

These five concepts not only apply to the classroom, but also extend into life outside of the dance learning experience. The result is students who are more productive, well-rounded members of society.

BalletMet’s Arts Education Academic Standards

BallMet’s Dance-in-Schools program focus on cognitive, physical and social-emotional development. Ohio has adopted new Common Core Standards, emphasizing better preparation of students for post-secondary instruction and the workplace. Dance-in-Schools incorporates 21st century learning standards and the development of skills such as:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Communication and collaboration
  • STEM and Language Arts literacy
  • Personal management
  • Productivity and accountability
  • Leadership and responsibility
  • Interdisciplinary, project-based, real-world learning opportunities

BalletMet’s instruction uses state and national standards to implement many of these concepts. Students in experiential programs, such as Morning at the Ballet and Moving into Literacy, learn critical thinking skills as they observe and participate in dances, as well as how to effectively communicate and critique others. In all programs, effective communication and collaboration are core skills that are enforced to ensure that all participants learn how to work with others.

For more information, please contact BalletMet’s Education Department at (614) 586-8629.