Vandana Rajagopal

Reynoldsburg City schools partnership

Vandana Rajagopal, hailing from Dublin, OH, is an accomplished yoga teacher, enterprise coach and an Agilist. Her journey encompasses a diverse array of experiences, including the attainment of a 200-hour yoga certification and an additional 95-hour certification in Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness training. Blending her deep love for yoga, mindfulness education for kids, and a thriving career in the corporate realm, she is fully committed to nurturing both the body and mind. Her specialization in tailoring mindfulness techniques for children serves as a testament to her commitment to guiding young minds toward cultivating self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and a serene demeanor. The blend of yoga, mindfulness, and corporate experience in her personal journey equips her to establish an environment where individuals of all ages can flourish. She adeptly manages contemporary challenges while guiding the pursuit of inner tranquility and equilibrium.

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