Where do I buy tickets?

Single ticket buyers should use balletmet.org and/or the CAPA ticket office (614.469.0939). BalletMet Subscribers, Ticket Package holders and Academy students may call our Box Office Concierge Services at 614-586-8674 only. Rush tickets for college students with a valid student ID can be purchased for $15 at the theater beginning two hours prior to show time. Groups of 10 or more can purchase tickets through the BalletMet Box Office. Ticket information.

Where does BalletMet perform?

We regularly perform at three locations: the Ohio Theatre, the Capitol Theatre and the BalletMet Performance Space. Click here to view information about each of our performance locations.

Where can I park?

Click here to view parking information for each of our performance locations.

Is it possible to exchange my tickets?

BalletMet offers ticket exchanges as a special, subscriber-only benefit for season ticket holders. Subscribers may exchange their tickets for free up to the day of show. Non-subscriber single tickets are not eligible for exchanges.

What is your snow policy?

BalletMet performances will be cancelled ONLY in the event of a Level Three Weather Emergency in Franklin County. All ticket sales are final; no refunds or exchanges unless the performance has been cancelled. In the event of a Level Three Weather Emergency in your county, the box office will exchange your ticket for another performance date. If you purchased through CAPA, call 614.469.0939. If you purchased through Ticketmaster or BalletMet, call 614.229.4848.

How do I get more information about the production I will be seeing?

Visit our current season page to learn more about each of our productions.

BalletMet offers free post-performance discussions at select performances. These discussions, often led by members of our artistic staff offer the opportunity to learn more about the evening’s performance. No reservations are required. View our events page for dates and times.

Some performances are accompanied by special events. To see a full list of special events for families, couples, young professionals and more, visit our events page.

What’s the difference between a full-length ballet and a collection of short ballets?

Most full-length ballets are story-based. They follow a plot and are often based on classic stories, such as The Nutcracker, Giselle and Cinderella.

A collection of short ballets (also referred to as a mixed bill, mixed rep or triple bill) is a performance comprised of multiple, shorter works that are less focused on narrative and more focused on movement and abstract themes. A typical collection features three or four unrelated works by differing choreographers, and each can be either classical or contemporary. These collections are a great way to introduce someone to ballet and dance.

Can I bring children?

Children are always welcome at BalletMet, however, not all ballets are suitable for children of all ages. Please carefully consider the performance and the maturity of your child when making the final decision on this matter. Note that everyone must have a purchased seat, even if your child sits in your lap. An usher will ask any patron with a child who is crying or being disruptive to exit the theatre.

What rules apply to anyone who attends a ballet performance?

Please silence or turn off all cell phones, tablets, pagers, watches and other electronic devices. Text messaging during the performance is prohibited. Flashes from cameras or cell phones are extremely dangerous for the performing artists on stage and flashes of any kind are not be used during a performance. Recording of the performance in any medium is a violation of copyright law.

What should I wear?

There is no dress code. We want you to feel comfortable, to be yourself and enjoy the performance. Although evening performances tend to be dressier, anything goes at the ballet – from jeans to suits, slacks to dresses.

When should I applaud?

Dancers love to hear the applause of an audience; it buoys their spirits and encourages them to dance with even more enthusiasm. Applause is also acceptable during breaks in the music, or if a dancer has performed a particularly impressive feat. The audience always shows its appreciation for the performance at the end of each act of a ballet. If it is also the end of the ballet, the dancers will all return to the stage along with the conductor, and, in some cases, the choreographer of the work. If there is live music, the audience will clap when the lights go down (prior to the curtain going up) when the conductor enters the orchestra pit.

Are there services for persons with disabilities?

All the theaters offer accessible seating and assistance will be provided if necessary. Please indicate your needs and/or preferences when purchasing tickets.

How do I avoid ticket scammers?

The only official ticket sources to BalletMet events are the CAPA Ticket Center and the BalletMet Box Office. BalletMet is not responsible for tickets purchased from unauthorized sources, which does include ticket brokers and third-party resellers. Tickets purchased at unauthorized sources are often greatly inflated in price; they may be lost, counterfeit or invalid.

It is legal to resale event tickets in Columbus. You will find BalletMet event tickets on sale with ticket brokers, but these are not the primary sales point. Please keep in mind that if buy from a ticket broker:

  • We are not responsible for tickets purchased through unauthorized third parties.
  • We cannot guarantee your tickets are valid, and you may not be guaranteed admittance into the theater.
  • We cannot replace lost or stolen tickets.
  • We cannot issue a refund of an event is cancelled.
  • We cannot contact you with information about the event, cancellations or time changes.

Here are some tips to unintentionally avoid buying tickets from scalpers:

  • Only purchase tickets from the CAPA Ticket Center or the BalletMet Box Office.
  • If you see tickets that are more than $100 (before fees), you are probably buying from a third-party ticket broker and there is no guarantee these tickets are genuine.