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Meet the Characters of Dracula

Unveiling the characters of David Nixon’s Dracula

This season, we are excited to be bringing back this beloved fan-favorite to Columbus, Ohio.

Penned by Bram Stoker in 1897, Dracula has enthralled readers for generations with its blend of horror, suspense, and gothic intrigue. The story revolves around Count Dracula, a centuries-old vampire from Transylvania, who voyages to England in search of fresh blood and new victims. As the ballet unfolds, we encounter a diverse cast, each with their own unique role in the battle against the sinister Count. Join us as we unravel the characters of this chilling story. From the valiant vampire hunter Van Helsing to the doomed Lucy and Mina, we will discover how Stoker’s masterful characterizations are brought to life in this spooky, can’t-miss ballet.

Jonathan Harker

BalletMet performs David Nixon's ballet Dracula

A young lawyer engaged to Mina Murray. He arrives at Dracula’s castle to help with legal business and finds himself trapped inside as a prisoner. He falls under the spell of the Brides of Dracula and barely manages to escape with his life.


BalletMet performs David Nixon's ballet Dracula

A vampire who travels to England to find his wives. Upon meeting, he feels a deep connection with Mina Murray and is unable to feed on her, and she finds herself drawn to him.

Mina Murray

BalletMet dancers as Dracula and Mina, characters of Dracula.

Jonathan Harker’s fiancée who awaits his return to England. She meets Dracula and finds herself inexplicably drawn to him, and him to her.

Lucy Westenra

BalletMet performs David Nixon's ballet Dracula

Mina’s best friend who has many potential suitors. She succumbs to Dracula’s lure and becomes his first victim.

Dr. Jack Seward

BalletMet dancers as characters of Dracula.

One of Lucy’s rejected suitors. He tries to save her life with blood transfusions but is too late. He joins the search to find Dracula and destroy him.

Arthur Holmwood

BalletMet dancers dance as characters in Dracula

Engaged to Lucy. He tries to save her life along with Dr. Seward but to no avail. He joins the hunt to track down Count Dracula and take his revenge.

Dr. Abraham Van Helsing

BalletMet dancer performs as Dr. Van Helsing, one of the characters of Dracula.

After learning of Dracula’s hideout, Van Helsing leads the men to free Mina from Dracula’s grasp and rid the world of his evil.

The Brides of Dracula

BalletMet performs David Nixon's ballet Dracula

The seductive Brides of Dracula live in the castle with the Count and want to feed upon Harker’s blood.

Now that you have met the most important characters from David Nixon’s Dracula, it is time to see the show! Get your tickets to see the Dracula ballet, opening at the Davidson Theatre on October 25 – November 2, 2024.