May 4-6, 2018 | Ohio Theatre

Columbus Premiere
Friday, 5/4 Senior Dress Rehearsal
Friday, 5/4 8:00 pm
Saturday, 5/5 2:00 pm & 8:00 pm
Sunday, 5/6 1:00 pm

Choreography: Edwaard Liang

Music: Oliver Peter Graber

Meet Dorothy, Glinda and Scarecrow on the yellow brick road as they make their heroic return to save the land of Oz. Racing against the clock, Dorothy must rescue the Prince from warring kingdoms before tragedy strikes. A collaboration with Tulsa Ballet, the Columbus Premiere of Dorothy and the Prince of Oz features stunning puppetry and scenery by Basil Twist, a score arranged by Oliver Peter Graber and original choreography by Edwaard Liang.

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Meet the Characters:


While back in Kansas with Uncle Henry and Aunt Em, Dorothy receives a special invitation asking her to return to Oz. Reuniting with Glinda and Scarecrow, Dorothy soon discovers that Oz is in trouble and that only she can restore peace across the land by rescuing the Prince from the kingdom of Queen Diamond.


Using the magic of the all-knowing Book of Knowledge, Glinda foresees the end of Oz due to King Sapphire and Queen Diamond’s feud over their son. She quickly seeks out Dorothy’s help to stop the book’s prophecy from coming true.


Excited to hear about Dorothy’s return to OZ, Scarecrow travels to Emerald City to greet her. After learning about the Book of Knowledge’s prophecy from Glinda, Scarecrow promises to help Dorothy save the land of Oz.

The Prince of Oz

The son of King Sapphire and Queen Diamond, the Prince remains hidden from his father and kept under his mother’s spell which can only be lifted by a long-lost magical amulet the Prince received as a child from Glinda.

King Sapphire

His love for Queen Diamond united two kingdoms, however as time passed their differences grew tearing apart the once peaceful Oz. Heartbroken over the loss of the Prince, King Sapphire becomes resolved to get his son back.

Queen Diamond

After disagreeing on how to raise their son, Queen Diamond leaves King Sapphire, kidnapping their son and hiding him away for many years in her kingdom. When she discovers Dorothy and Scarecrow trying to rescue the Prince, Queen Diamond blames King Sapphire, declaring war across all of Oz.