April 28-30, 2023
Ohio Theatre

Casting is always subject to change.

*** Principal Guest Dancer
Guest Artist
+BalletMet 2
* Trainee

Artistic Director Edwaard Liang | Executive Director Sue Porter
Rehearsal Directors Susan Dromisky, Jonathan Jordan, Maria Torija, Olivia Clark Omardien, Zoica Tovar
Choreography Edwaard Liang
Composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Set Design Carla Risch Chaffin
Costume Design Peter Farmer
Lighting Design Jack Mehler
Children’s Rehearsal Directors  Zoica Tovar and Carrie West-Suslov


Mother #1
Carrie West-Suslov**  4/28E, 4/29E, 4/30M
Olivia Clark Omardien**  4/29M, 4/30E

Von Rothbart
Austin Powers  4/28E, 4/29E, 4/30M
Cooper Verona  4/29M, 4/30E

Odile and Children – Students of the BalletMet Academy
Mya Aikens, Isabella Ayers, Ivy Bono, Phoebe Congleton, Sophia DeMatte, Audrey Dinh, Annavelle Fleming, Mia Hernandez, Elsie Lewis,
Karen Oyama, Karalee Sprague, Chloe Steele, Emily Wessells, Judy Wu, Koharu Yasuda

Hunt Party
Iris R. Davila, Matoi Kawamoto, Rie Matsuura, Victoria Watford, Sarah-Ashley Chicola+, Sumi Ichikawa+, Annie Wilson+,
Aleksandra Winkler+, Amelie Freeman*, Abigail Liddell*, Mallory Sweeney*, Alexis Workowski*
Leiland Charles, Zachary Guthier, Johnathon Hart, Sean Rollofson, Andrew Rossi, Vincent Van Harris, Jared Brouillette+,
Xavier Pugliese-Ciulei+, Tristan Toy+, Jordan Sheppard*, Kyler Valentine*

Prince Siegfried
Miguel Anaya  4/28E, 4/30M
David Ward  4/29M, 4/30E
Brooklyn Mack***  4/29E

Benno, Siegfried’s Friend
Miguel Wansing Lorrio  4/28E, 4/30M
Benat Andueza Molina  4/29M, 4/30E
Alvin Tovstogray  4/29E

Pas de Trois
Miguel Wansing Lorrio , Erica Alvarado, Jessica Brown  4/28E, 4/30M
Benat Andueza Molina, Rie Matsuura, Iris R. Davila  4/29M, 4/30E
Alvin Tovstogray, Rie Matsuura, Matoi Kawamoto 4/29E

Benat Andueza Molina  4/28E, 4/29E, 4/30M
Miguel Wansing Lorrio  4/29M, 4/30E

The Queen
Olivia Clark Omardien**  4/28E, 4/29E, 4/30M
Carrie West-Suslov**  4/29M, 4/30E

Cole Allenby*, Gabriel Aguilar*, Kyan Conaway-Gillman*, James Martin*, Caleb Olenik*, William Price*

Odette, Queen of the Swans
Sophie Miklosovic 4/28E, 4/30M
Caitlin Valentine  4/29M, 4/30E
TyLeigh Baughman  4/29E

Odile, Von Rothbart’s Daughter
Sophie Miklosovic  4/28E, 4/29E, 4/30M
Caitlin Valentine  4/29M, 4/30E

Erica Alvarado, Matoi Kawamoto, Iris R. Davila, Sarah-Ashley Chicola+

Tall Swans
Jessica Brown, Rie Matsuura, Victoria Watford, Francesca Dugarte  4/28E, 4/29E, 4/30M
TyLeigh Baughman, Rie Matsuura, Victoria Watford, Francesca Dugarte  4/29M, 4/30E

Sumi Ichikawa+, Annie Wilson+, Aleksandra Winkler+, Katherine Ball*, Kayla Boudreau*, Olivia Brown*, Mila DeCola*, Amelie Freeman*, Olivia Gorgas*, Gwyneth Holliday*, Abigail Liddell*, Emi Makimura*, Olivia Neill*, Emery Pierce*, Carmen Rossi*, Katya Saburova*, Keiko Salms*, Brynnen Stypinski*, Mallory Sweeney*, Alaina Warren *, Julia Willard*, Ava Williams*, Alexis Workowski*, Naya Yara*

Royal Secretary
Leiland Charles

The Court – Trainees of the BalletMet Academy
Sophia Collins*, Daisy Denicore*, Mika Heffner*, Alyssa Hyman*, Rylee Keller*, Savannah Seale*
Cole Allenby*, Desmond Atrostic*, Paul Lytle*, Caleb Olenick*, Jordan Sheppard*, Kyler Valentine*

Pages – Students of the BalletMet Academy
John Arnold, Hannah Fang, Gabriela Glenn, Olivia Massey, Elizabeth Weinberg, Isla Wells, Lela Williams, Olivia Wooddell

Pas De Quatre
Francesca Dugarte, Rie Matsuura, Victoria Watford, Alvin Tovstogray  4/28E, 4/30M
Jessica Brown, Matoi Kawamoto, Victoria Watford, Zachary Guthier  4/29M
Erica Alvarado, Jessica Brown, Iris R. Davila, Miguel Wansing Lorrio  4/29E
Erica Alvarado, Jessica Brown, Victoria Watford, Zachary Guthier 4/30E

Sarah-Ashley Chicola+, Sumi Ichiwaka+, Annie Wilson+, Aleksandra Winkler+, Amelie Freeman*, Alexis Workowski*, Naya Yara*

Sean Rollofson, Johnathon Hart  4/28E, 4/29E, 4/30M
Vincent Van Harris, Andrew Rossi  4/29M, 4/30E

Mother #2
Caitlin Valentine  4/28E, 4/29E, 4/30M
Zoica Tovar**  4/29M, 4/30E

Child – Students of the BalletMet Academy
Ivy Bono, Emily Wessells 


Get Directions


Where do I park?

There are parking garages near the Ohio and the Capitol theatres, as well as limited metered street parking (most of which is free after 6 pm and on Sundays).

Ohio Statehouse Parking Garage
$5 during events
Enter from westbound Broad Street or Third Street.

Riffe Center Parking Garage
$5 during events
Enter from Front Street. Take the elevators to the third floor and proceed along the hall to the Davidson Theatre. (For the Box Office or Will Call, descend the escalators to the first floor.)

Downtown traffic can be heavy, so please plan ahead. We recommend arriving 20-30 minutes early to park, find your seat, explore the program and relax before the performance. Audience members who arrive late may not be seated until intermission.

What do I wear?

This is our most-asked question, and the answer is: You probably won’t feel out of place no matter what you wear. If you want to wear jeans, go for it—we promise you won’t be alone. If you want to dress up, feel free. Many others do, too. We don’t see as much formal-wear in the theater as we once did, though it wouldn’t be unusual to see a tux or a gown at a performance. Basically, anything goes.

Do the dancers talk?

No, dancers express the story or meaning through the movement. In some story ballets, dancers will use pantomime (exaggerated movements) to help you understand what’s happening. If you see a ballet with pantomime, head to the lobby, where we’ll have more information and guidance. If you ever struggle to follow along, feel free to chat with a BalletMet staff member in the lobby who will happily answer any questions you have.

When do I clap?

If you are wowed by something you just saw, please do applaud. At BalletMet, we love to hear clapping. It’s uplifting to those performing, as they can often feel your excitement and energy on stage. So applaud whenever you see fit! Note: Not every ballet company feels this way, so keep that in mind if you happen to be at another company’s performance.