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2014 Summer Intensives

5 Week Intensive:

June 30-August 1, 2014

4 Week Intensive:

June 30-July 25, 2014

Junior Intensive:

June 16-June 27, 2014

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Intensive Programs Information

5 Week Intensive:

June 30-August 1, 2014

A five week program to prepare Advanced level students for a full time training program, Traineeship, or for an entrance into a Company for Advanced students demonstrating a high level of proficiency; up through age 20.

4 Week Intensive:

June 30-July 25, 2014

For the serious ballet student of Intermediate through Advanced levels. 12 years and up.

Junior Intensive:

June 16-June 27, 2014

A specially designed one week intensive program for students ages 8-12. No housing available.

Academy Summer Information


  • Training with experienced professional faculty who have consistent interaction with students
  • Intensive ballet-based program with a rich, varied curriculum that includes contemporary dance styles
  • Interaction and instruction from professional dancers
  • Development of technical understanding and strength
  • Improved mind/body connection and deepened self-awareness
  • Professional atmosphere in which dance training and education are the primary goals
  • Access to seven spacious, fully equipped studios with state-of-the-art flooring

The 2014 Summer Intensive Brochure is coming soon!

For further information, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Academy Director

Audition Information

Registration begins one half-hour prior to all audition times. No pre-registration required.

Audition Forms are required.

Audition Locations

2014 Audition Tour Schedule

Audition Information

$20 Audition Fee - Pre-registration forms and the $20 audition fee received by BalletMet Columbus at least one full week prior to the audition you are attending.

$25 Audition Fee - Registrations received the day of or within the 7 days prior to the audition (BalletMet Summer Intensive , 322 Mt. Vernon Ave., Columbus, OH 43215)

$30 Audition Fee - All DVD auditions received with fully completed form

(There are no refunds for any audition fees)

Students who wish to audition should bring with them:

  • full-length dance photo in leotard and tights (in first arabesque)
  • $25 audition fee (cash, check or money order payable to BalletMet)
  • Registration begins one half hour prior to all audition times. No pre-registration required

Dress Code

  • pink tights
  • solid colored leotard
  • ballet shoes and bring pointe shoes
  • hair neatly styled in a bun

Videotaped Auditions: Guidelines for Submissions

Ladies' Attire: solid colored leotard, pink tights (no skirt), shoes (ballet and/or pointe)

Men's Attire: Black tights, white t-shirt or leotard top, ballet shoes

Video should include the following:

Barre: Plies, tendus (slow and quick), rond de jambe a terre, frappe, developpe, grand battement. (Please alternate sides with exercises; you need not show both sides with each exercise.)

Center (Please show right and left side, one time through of each exercise):

  • Adagio
  • Pirouette Combination (en dehors and en dedans)
  • Petite Allegro (more advanced students should include beats)
  • Grand Allegro
  • Men: Exercise show entrechat quatre or entrechat six (depending on level of advancement) and single or double tours
  • Ladies: Pointe work (two combinations that demonstrate the student's technical strength and level of accomplishment)

Please include with your videotape:

  • Complete Audition Form
  • $30 fee
  • Full-length dance photo (snapshot or Polaroid), preferably in first arabesque, or men may use the position standing en face point tendu a la seconde, arms in second.
  • Video--VHS or DVD format will be accepted (not returnable)

DEADLINE: Must be submitted by Feb. 20, 2014, to be considered for a scholarship. We will continue to accept videos after Feb. 20 and accept students on a space available basis.

Send all materials to:
Summer Intensive, BalletMet Dance Academy
322 Mount Vernon Avenue
Columbus, OH 43215


  • Must be an intermediate or advanced level student ages 12-20 for 4 or 5 Week Intensives, ages 8-12 for the Junior Intensives
  • Have acquired correct body placement
  • Have a thorough working knowledge of material appropriate for level of development
  • Have physical qualifications suited to the demands of classical dance


All Four and Five week students will have the opportunity for a physical assessment from the The Ohio State University Program for Performing Arts the first week of the Intensive.

All students will participate in about six and a half hours of instruction daily:

  • Ballet technique every day
  • Pointe every day
  • Jazz, Modern, Character, Flamenco, Variations and some repertoire will be assigned according to levels
  • Special work for the purposes of body conditioning, improved alignment and overall physical well being
  • Additional classes on acting, nutrition, anatomy, dance history, music for dancers, Pilates and personal safety issues

Students are encouraged to attend all four weeks. Exceptions may be made for younger students, who may attend the first three weeks only. Instruction for many classes will be with company artistic staff and dancers.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

A limited number of partial scholarships are available based on dance potential and financial need. Download and return this completed

Financial Aid Form before March 15th 2014 to:

Kathy Wilson
322 Mount Vernon Avenue
Columbus, OH 43215

Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 614-586-8637 for information.


Students will be enrolled according to the date registration materials are received by BalletMet. Space preference will be given to students registering for the full four or five-week Workshop. Since class sizes are limited, students wishing to attend a single session will be accepted as space permits.

Refund Policy

Housing fees are non-refundable. Partial tuition refund may be made at the discretion of the Academy Director in the event of severe injury (physician documentation required).


Edwaard Liang - Artistic Director

Company Faculty
Rebecca Rodriguez-Hodory--Ballet Mistress
Hisham Omardien--Ballet Master/Dancer
BalletMet Columbus Company Dancers

Senior Faculty
Susan Dromisky
Daryl Kamer
Dmitri Suslov

Additional members of our Academy faculty including Ambre Emory-Maier, Chrissy Stridsburg, Lisa Spencer, Joyelle Fobbs, Darielle Eberhard and Jennifer Zmuda.

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5 Week Intensive:

Tuition - $2,025

Housing - $2,015

4 Week Intensive:

Tuition - $1,499

Housing - $1,675

*Host Housing for 4 Weeks - $900

Junior Intensive:

2 weeks – $700

1 week - $375

Additional Information

Check back soon more information to come!