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Trainee Program

The full-time Trainee Program is designed for students of classical ballet who have reached an advanced level of study and are preparing to begin a career as a professional dancer.

Students will strengthen and refine their artistry, classical ballet technique and virtuosity while developing their versatility studying other relevant dance techniques and body conditioning methods. Outreach Performances include opportunities to be cast with the Professional Company of BalletMet, Senior Performance Ensemble and Academy annual performances will hone students' performance skills.

The Dancers Core Academic Program focuses on material and issues that directly affect young professional dancers artistically, practically and emotionally.

Student Selection

Students are selected through an audition process and taken into the program at the discretion of the Academy Director. This may take place as part of the National Audition Tour, by application for an individual audition at the BalletMet Dance Centre at any point during the year or by selection from the Summer Intensive Program.

Student Assessment

Evaluations are given twice yearly with student conferences four times yearly. A member of the Academy staff will mentor students individually.

Company Performances

The Artistic Director makes any decisions regarding casting for company repertory. If cast in company performances rehearsals will take precedence over scheduled classes. Any changes to normal scheduling due to rehearsals will be made on a weekly basis and must be approved by the Academy Director

Physical Screening

Students are screened physically by members of the OSU Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Program for the Performing Arts.

Curriculum and Class Scheduling

All Trainees participate in morning classes. Evening and Saturday schedules are designed based on individual students' level and personal needs.

The Trainee Program does have a dress code.

Dance Academy Columbus Ohio

Classes Include

Ballet Class
Pointe Class
Variations/Pas de Deux
Body Conditioning
Senior Performance Ensemble

Trainee Alumni

We also have information on students who have pursued professional careers.