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A Note From David Nixon

“I was very pleased when Edwaard and Cheri invited me back to create something for Jimmy Orrante’s last show. I had hired Jimmy during my very first season as Artistic Director for BalletMet. It became evident early on that I had not only found a very gifted young dancer, but one that would become integral to my progress as a choreographer.

Jimmy’s extraordinary partnering skills, his instinct as an actor and his charisma on stage – including his good looks – all came together to make a very unique performer.

Together, we created many roles, the most important for me being our work on Gershwin, Valmont in Dangerous Liaisons and, of course, his remarkable Dracula. Even though we only worked together six years, that legacy has continued in my work both from the productions we created together and the impression his work left upon me and how that has influenced both my work with young dancers and my choreography.

It is an honour to make this dance, which is a celebration of this wonderful man who has brought so much joy to many and to say thank you for the time we have shared together. I wish him well on his next journey.”

– David Nixon, former BalletMet Artistic Director