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From the beginning of time, all living beings have danced. Humans have always included rhythmic movements and sounds in their social gatherings and ceremonies. We dance to express ourselves and it touches us in a way that cannot be expressed in language. Watching others dance gives us a sense of joy, inspiration and freedom from the everyday world. Emerging from the Renaissance, the origins of ballet were discovered in the European courts of the 16th and 17th centuries. From the first ballet company in Paris in 1713 to the contemporary and classical ballets of today, dance continues to educate and inspire!

At BalletMet, we’re committed to uplifting our communities and schools through dance! Our impactful education programs and free resources focus on developing body awareness and movement through learning and fun! Our goal is to provide unique performance and dance class opportunities to individuals throughout Central Ohio.

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School Programs

Our school programs focus on cognitive, physical and socio-emotional development through fun and effective movement education and performance experiences.

Community participates in BalletMet classes

Professional Development

Designed for educators and community members who want to expand their knowledge of dance and movement and how it can be integrated into classroom and community learning. Sessions include Trauma-Sensitive and Restorative workshops as well as classes for those that work with students with disabilities who want to incorporate movement into their classes.

Community participates in BalletMet classes

Supporting Dance in our Community

From scholarships for promising dancers to free tickets and classes for underserved groups, we’re committed to making dance accessible—for everyone.

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Rhythm on the River provides a free sneak peek of BalletMet's upcoming season

Free Resources

We provide free materials and behind-the-scenes content that will introduce and educate students and teachers on ballet and the performing arts.

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Teachers Not Pictured: Megan Fiscus, Yogita Khanal, Laura Patterson, Melanie Ross

Accompanists Not Pictured: Tyler Domer, Betsy Iacobucci


For more info, email us at [email protected] or call 614-586-8635.

Images by Jennifer Zmuda