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Dracula Rehearsal!

As soon as I walked into the studio today, I immediately knew the company was getting ready for Dracula. Crosses, lanterns and capes were strung around the room; as well as a coffin and cage that I couldn’t ignore. Seven company dancers were preparing for BalletMet’s upcoming show Dracula, on October 26 through November 3 at the Capitol Theatre.

Only the men were at the rehearsal today due to the women and other characters having their “fang fitting” for the show. The scene that was first being rehearsed included opening the coffin and a realistic beheading. Much of this scene was simply the dancers learning blocking around the coffin. Our Ballet Mistress, Rebecca Rodriguez-Hodory spoke with me about the difficulty of the rehearsal. She described that dancers don’t normally get theater exercises; they simply have to learn acting from the way in which they dance. Ms. Rodriguez-Hodory also explained that with each show, a different set of dancers is used, and some dancers even have to learn more than one character.

Even with just the rehearsal process for this scene starting, the overall vibe of what each dancer was portraying fits Dracula perfectly. The disturbing props, powerful operatic music and passionate dancing all form a BalletMet performance that is sure to fulfill your expectations; not to mention, all happening just in time for the Halloween season.

Jonathan Hill – Marketing Intern