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From Wunderland to New Works, Looking forward to Edwaard Liang’s Next Piece

As an assignment for my Ballet II class at Ohio State, an intermediate class for non-dance majors who love to dance, we were required to go out and see BalletMet’s performance of Symphony in C.

As an intern at BalletMet, I had been excited about this production for months. I had quite a bit of insight as to what the show would consist of, as I had done a lot of research and produced some marketing materials for the show. While all of us are dancers, none of the other girls really knew what to expect.

The first piece in the production was by far my favorite and the favorite of each of the girls who attended with me. This piece was entitled Wunderland  and was Artistic Director, Edwaard Liang’s first showing of original choreography set on BalletMet dancers. Through his choreography, Edwaard showcased the inherent strength and athleticism dancers posses through intricate formations, innovative shapes, and impressive lifts. The choreography was filled with intensity and passion through the use of partnerships that tested gravity, showing both dependence and resistance.

After seeing Wunderland I am really looking forward seeing to Edwaard’s next piece of choreography. The production is entitled New Directions, New Works and premieres April 25 at the Capitol Theatre.

As this is a world premiere performance, BalletMet is keeping a lot of the details of the piece under wraps. All I have been able to gather at this point, is that the new work will feature live music. Two pianists playing Rachmaninoff’s compositions are to accompany the dancers onstage, one of whom is Ty Boyle, BalletMet’s music director.

The production also features two other pieces. The first is called Carousel by choreographer, Christopher Wheeldon. It is a graceful and elegant interpretation of a 1945 broadway musical about new love.

The company will also perform 18+1 a fun, Latin inspired piece choreographed by Gustavo Ramirez Sansano. 18+1 is a piece with a contemporary twist and is full of exciting, lively choreography. New Directions, New Works is set to be an exciting medley of three very different pieces of dance, and I am very excited to attend the performance!


– BalletMet intern