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Interns Come and Interns Go

An introductory post seems to be in order here. My name is Courtnie Elston and I’m a graduating senior at the Ohio State University, studying strategic communication and professional writing.

How ironic that I’m interning with BalletMet because, in all honesty, I can’t dance to save my life. If you were to Google world’s worst dancer, there is a strong possibility that my picture would be the first result yielded. No bother. Even though I have two left feet, I am reporting for duty!

Not as a dancer though. I’m here as an intern (*sigh of relief*). Actually, a professional writing intern, if you’re looking for specifics. I chose to work with BalletMet through the Professional Writing Minor Program at Ohio State. Out of all the internships available, BalletMet seemed most appealing.

If I may be a little transparent here, BalletMet is actually a big step outside of the comfort zone for me. Past internships and work situations have always been familiar, in that I’ve always felt comfortable and safe where I’ve been. BalletMet is a somewhat unfamiliar territory.

I’ve received little insight into the world of dance, which isn’t to say that I don’t appreciate it or find it fascinating. I was raised in a very small town by a very sports-oriented family. Moving to Columbus in 2007 afforded me the first opportunity to experience a more artistic culture. Yes, I’ve seen elementary and middle school productions of The Nutcracker and Swan Lake, but never anything as beautiful and elaborate as a major company performance.

I am thrilled and unbelievably appreciative of the opportunity to work with BalletMet. In my ten weeks here, I hope to grow as a writer. Beyond that, I also hope to get a better feel for the world of dance. What better place to do that than BalletMet!

– Courtnie