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New Girl Meets Ballet

I was immersed in details, protocols and media matters.  It had only been 3 days since coming to BalletMet, after all, and I couldn’t have shown up at a more interesting time.  It was almost the opening of our 1st show of the season and things were in full swing.   I had been working hard to get a handle on all of the moving parts of communications for BalletMet.  We decided that I should take a step back from this designated role to step into a rehearsal to derive some inspiration from the subjects that would be the object of my writing.

I headed down the hall to the rehearsal area.  The main studio space alone is something to see!  It is simply inspirational, with its’ bright white walls and large windows with natural light pouring in; it’s beautiful.  You cannot enter into this dancing sanctuary and not feel like doing something grand, perhaps an impromptu Arabesque! (except that would not be a good idea for multitude of reasons)…but  I digress.   Simply put, it was energizing and inspiring!   I tepidly walked in, as I was focusing on finding an unobtrusive place in a corner to observe while the dancers were beginning to assemble themselves.  As an added bonus to me, there were opera singers collaborating with them for this number!  This was shaping up to be a good day!

As they took their opening positions, they began a run-though for the number Sextet from The Barber of Seville, choreographed by Alex Ketley I was instantly struck with the very intricate choreography.  The footwork was so slight and small that I couldn’t have imagined being able to make all of those movements in the measure of music in which they were required to do it!  I couldn’t get over it. The dancers executed it with the ease of me typing a return email, fluidity, no stopping to think just going on memory.  It was then I began to understand that I was witnessing the making of something special.  After the initial run-through I then was treated to the opera singers joining into the mix and figuring out how to partner up with the dancers while singing at full strength.  The singers were being asked to move and partner with each dancer while the dancers executed their choreography and the singers did not miss a note.

The result; it was extraordinary!  I literally felt moved by the performance especially when I was able to hear it with live beautiful accompaniment from Columbus Symphony, incredible singers of Opera Columbus  and exquisite dancing by the BalletMet  company dancers.  It was a delight.  I cannot wait to see the entire program after getting a little taste of it.  It was truly enchanting with more talent on one stage than I can even begin to take in.  Twisted 2 is truly a master class of the arts in Columbus, Ohio.  My job is very cool.