March 10-18, 2023
Davidson Theatre

The Awakening

Choreography by
Dana Genshaft
Music by Mason Bates
Costumes by Susan Roemer
Lighting by Jayson M. Lawshee

March 10, 11, 16 & 18

Austin Powers, Johnathon Hart, Francesca Dugarte, Miguel Anaya, Caitlin Valentine, Zachary Guthier, Jessica Brown, Miguel Wansing Lorrio, Sophie Miklosovic

March 12 & 17

Vincent Van Harris, Cooper Verona, TyLeigh Baughman, Alvin Tovstogray, Erica Alvarado, David Ward, Iris R. Dávila, Beñat Andueza Molina, Grace-Anne Powers

The Catch

Choreography by
 Amy Seiwert
Music by Matthew Pierce
Costumes by Susan Roemer
Lighting by Jayson M. Lawshee

March 10, 12, 16 & 17
Francesca Dugarte, Caitlin Valentine, TyLeigh Baughman, Iris R. Dávila

Johnathon Hart, Beñat Andueza Molina, Miguel Wansing Lorrio, Austin Powers

March 11 & 18
Grace-Anne Powers, Jessica Brown, Karen Wing, Sophie Miklosovic

Miguel Anaya, Vincent Van Harris, Sean Rollofson, Cooper Verona



Decisions, Decisions

Choreography by
Leiland Charles
Decisions, Decisions was graciously created in collaboration with the immensely talented BalletMet dancers with the help of rehearsal directors Susan Dromisky & Jonathan Jordan.
Music by Antonio Vivaldi
Costumes by Susan Roemer
Lighting by Jayson M. Lawshee

March 10, 12 & 18
Karen Wing
Grace-Anne Powers
Caitlin Valentine
Erica Alvarado
Jessica Brown
Austin Powers
Zachary Guthier
Miguel Anaya
Sean Rollofson
Miguel Wansing Lorrio

March 11, 16 & 17
TyLeigh Baughman
Francesca Dugarte
Rie Matsuura
Sophie Miklosovic
Victoria Watford
Cooper Verona
David Ward
Andrew Rossi
Johnathon Hart
Beñat Andueza Molina

Davidson Theatre at the Riffe Center

Get Directions


Where do I park?

There are parking garages near the Ohio and the Capitol theatres, as well as limited metered street parking (most of which is free after 6 pm and on Sundays).

Ohio Statehouse Parking Garage
$5 during events
Enter from westbound Broad Street or Third Street.

Riffe Center Parking Garage
$5 during events
Enter from Front Street. Take the elevators to the third floor and proceed along the hall to the Davidson Theatre. (For the Box Office or Will Call, descend the escalators to the first floor.)

Downtown traffic can be heavy, so please plan ahead. We recommend arriving 20-30 minutes early to park, find your seat, explore the program and relax before the performance. Audience members who arrive late may not be seated until intermission.

What do I wear?

This is our most-asked question, and the answer is: You probably won’t feel out of place no matter what you wear. If you want to wear jeans, go for it—we promise you won’t be alone. If you want to dress up, feel free. Many others do, too. We don’t see as much formal-wear in the theater as we once did, though it wouldn’t be unusual to see a tux or a gown at a performance. Basically, anything goes.

Do the dancers talk?

No, dancers express the story or meaning through the movement. In some story ballets, dancers will use pantomime (exaggerated movements) to help you understand what’s happening. If you see a ballet with pantomime, head to the lobby, where we’ll have more information and guidance. If you ever struggle to follow along, feel free to chat with a BalletMet staff member in the lobby who will happily answer any questions you have.

When do I clap?

If you are wowed by something you just saw, please do applaud. At BalletMet, we love to hear clapping. It’s uplifting to those performing, as they can often feel your excitement and energy on stage. So applaud whenever you see fit! Note: Not every ballet company feels this way, so keep that in mind if you happen to be at another company’s performance.