Romeo and Juliet

April 28-30, 2017 | Ohio Theatre

Columbus Premiere
Friday, 4/28 Senior Dress Rehearsal
Friday, 4/28 8 p.m.
Saturday, 4/29 2 p.m.
Saturday, 4/29 8 p.m.
Sunday, 4/30 2 p.m.

Choreography: Edwaard Liang
Music: Sergei Prokofiev

Run Time: 2 Hours and 15 Minutes

The Company Premiere of Edwaard Liang’s Romeo and Juliet, set to Prokofiev’s score, will tell Shakespeare’s timeless tale of star-crossed lovers with all the beauty and intensity of classical ballet. Liang’s inventive choreography infuses sword fights, a grand ball and the iconic balcony scene with passion and elegance. Funny, tender, tragic and deep, Romeo and Juliet will romance audiences for one weekend only. Featuring live music from the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.

Important Parking Information for Opening Night

Due to preparation for the  Cap City Half-Marathon, State Street will be closed on Opening Night, Friday, April 28th starting at 7 pm until Saturday, April 29 at 2 pm.  Road closures for Friday night and Saturday afternoon include:

  • S. High Street between Rich Street and Broad Street (Closed from 7 p.m. Friday to 2 p.m. Saturday)
  • E. State Street between S. High Street and S. 3rd Street (Closed from 7 p.m. Friday to 2 p.m. Saturday)
  • S. Front Street between W. Town Street and W. Mound Street (Closed from 6 p.m. Friday to 11 a.m. Saturday)

Parking for the Ohio Theatre will be available at the Columbus Commons Underground Parking Garage, Columbus Commons Main Garage, and the Ohio Statehouse Garage.

Get more information about road closures and parking for Opening Night.

Meet the Characters


Once in love with the beautiful Rosaline, nothing else matters to Romeo after seeing Juliet for the first time.  Romeo is forced to put his love for Juliet to the test when he is banished from Verona due to a long-standing feud between their families, the Montagues and Capulets.


The only daughter of Lady and Lord Capulet, young Juliet is unhappily engaged to Paris, a kinsman of the Prince. Going against her parents’ wishes, Juliet elopes with her true love, Romeo as she becomes willing to protect their love at any cost.


A skeptic, Mercutio is one of Romeo’s closest friend. Puzzled when Romeo refuses to accept Tybalt’s duel, Mercutio takes his friend’s place, resulting in a tragic chain of events.


Hot-headed and fiercely loyal to his family, Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt, finds himself at the end of Romeo’s sword as Romeo seek’s revenge for the death of Mercutio.

The Nurse

A Capulet servant, the Nurse has cared for Juliet her entire life and acts as a liaison between Romeo and Juliet, sending notes back and forth between the two lovers.

Friar Lawrence

After marrying Romeo and Juliet, Friar Laurence helps Juliet develop a plan to fake her death so she can reunite with Romeo after he is banished from Verona.

Get the Inside Scoop

In a recent episode of BalletMet’s Director’s Point of View, Edwaard Liang discusses how it feels to bring his production to Columbus.