Dance in Schools

BalletMet’s standards-based in-school programs focus on providing physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development for all levels and ages through creative, fun and dynamic education. Learn more about how our programs are positively impacting young lives below. Programs for all classrooms, Pre-K – 12th grade

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BalletMet Partners in Dance Education 2020-2021

Reynoldsburg City Schools
Columbus City Schools
Bexley City Schools
Knox County Schools

Columbus Urban League Head Start
Child Development Council of Franklin County
Hilltop Preschool

South Side Early Learning
The Childhood League Center
YMCA Head Start

NOTE: Residencies require a gym, stage or multi-purpose room and a clean, mopped floor. Teacher supervision and participation required.

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For pricing information on all programs and to book a residency or program call 614.586.8629 or email [email protected].

The Wiggle Jig Graphic

The Wiggle Jig

Designed for Students Ages 3-5

Youngsters wiggle, glide, leap and twirl through a residency with trained teaching artists in a nurturing environment.

Program benefits:
Develops motor skills
Enhances literacy
Supports physical, socio-emotional and cognitive development

Programs available at varied pricing levels. Contact us to learn more.

Follow the adventures of Leap and Twirl, a silly frog and lovable squirrel, while learning about friendship, collaboration, self-expression, creativity and the joy of dance. Call 614.586.8629 to order your copy or visit

Moving into Literacy Graphic

Moving Into Literacy

Designed for Students Grades 1-5

Moving Into Literacy combines dance and language arts as students read literary works and create their own unique stories using art, movement and words.

Program benefits:
Improves literacy
Develops critical thinking
Promotes physical, socio-emotional and cognitive development

Programs available at varied pricing levels. Contact us to learn more.

Movement Makers Graphic

Movement Makers

Designed for Students Grades K-12

BalletMet 2 dancers will show the art and athleticism of dance with a pre-recorded virtual performance with a live Questions, Comments, and Answers with the BalletMet 2 dancers via Zoom.

Pre-recorded Performance
Live Questions, Comments and Answers Session with Dancers

The 45-minute lecture demonstration costs $100.

The fee for this performance is offered at a lower cost due to the generous underwriting of supporters of the BalletMet Education and Community Engagement Programs. 

BalletMet 2 Movement Makers Video
BalletMet: Inside Our Second Company Video 
*OAAE Artist-In-Schools Program

Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation for Grades 7-12

Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation

Designed for Students Grades 7-12

The Beginner Yoga curriculum fundamentals focus on warm-ups, asana, breathing and relaxation. In addition, some components of meditation and mindfulness are shared with the students. At this level the focus is on learning body awareness and the skills of relaxation and stress management within a wide range of poses and practices.

Objectives: BalletMet’s yoga curriculum strives to:

  • Promote body awareness
  • Increase strength throughout the body especially in weaker muscle areas
  • Build flexibility in a safe manner throughout the body with special attention to shoulders, hips and legs
  • Foster breath awareness; teach basic breath anatomy 
  • Train students in basic anatomy that informs students about the spine and pelvis structure, larger bones of the body and major muscle systems
  • Teach students proper postural alignment and recognition of safe, supportive alignment
  • Work on the coordination of movements with a neuro-motor development sensibility
  • Introduce basic mediation principles
  • Share basic yoga principles of behavior
  • Introduce wellness practices such as journaling, iRest™, mindfulness, dance, art and service
  • Connect the practice of yoga, self-care and wellness activities to everyday living while adhering to scope of practice and expertise. These areas may including the following: Yoga for headaches, back and shoulder pain, Yoga practices for the morning and evening, Yoga for anxiety, yoga for athletes and healthy body image.

Programs available at varied pricing levels. Contact us to learn more.