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“On Stage” by the BalletMet Dance Academy

At our 2023/24 season opener, On Stage, BalletMet Dance Academy students showed up to cheer on some of their favorite dancers. Annavelle, Eloise, and Clare took the time to share with us about their experience and thoughts while watching On Stage.

Clare Williams on Nine Sinatra Songs

Every couple’s romantic dance has a very different dynamic to it. While none of the dances performed in this act can strictly be called classical ballet, they all share the same graceful beauty and poise that is rooted in ballet. Each dance is accompanied by a different song sung by Frank Sinatra which enhances the loveliness of the dancer’s performance. In short, BalletMet’s performance of Nine Sinatra Songs has the ability to evoke a wide variety of thoughts and emotions, from excitement to joy or even awe.

BalletMet performing Nine Sinatra Songs by Twyla Tharp

Dancers: TyLeigh Baughman & Vincent Van Harris, Austin Powers & Grace-Anne Powers

Eloise Stewart on Vespers 

I also thought that in Vespers, it was very interesting how they incorporated the chairs into the dance choreography. In Vespers, they also included tumbling. Usually in ballet, you wouldn’t usually incorporate those sorts of moves.

BalletMet performing Vespers by Ulysses Dove

Annavelle Fleming on The Times Are Racing

The movements, typically associated with delicate pointe shoes, are reimagined [in The Times Are Racing] with the dynamic energy of sneakers, allowing dancers to execute pirouettes and arabesques with a funky contemporary edge…This hybrid art form not only showcases the dancer’s versatility but also breaks the boundaries of ballet, captivating audiences with its fresh and electrifying take on dance.

BalletMet performing The Times Are Racing by Justin Peck

Dancers: Sophie Miklosovic & Miguel Anaya

Images by Jennifer Zmuda