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Lucy McKewen Porter
September 23, 1928 – January 8, 2023

We are so sad to have lost a truly special member of the BalletMet family. Lucy Porter was a Board member for 40 years and a tireless, passionate supporter of this organization.

Over the years she served in many leadership capacities including Board Chair in 1988-91 and many event and committee chairmanships.  She loved a party and graciously chaired the early Nutcracker Ball that remains our signature fundraiser today.  A strong and persuasive advocate, she often talked about asking a fellow airline passenger to share popcorn which led to an invitation to take the company on tour to Egypt!

When BalletMet was seeking a new home in 1990 she spearheaded the search, financing, and renovation of our historic Dance Center.  No detail was too small for her attention.  She even climbed ladders to peek under ceiling tiles and when it came time to paint the stair railings, she insisted on a vibrant blue to match her shoes, a color that became known as Lucyshoe Blue.  When work was completed, she requested that all studio doors be replaced with glass inserts so that she could peek in to see the dancers

Lucy always wanted to know how we could get our community more involved with the ballet and what she could do to help our dancers and employees. She established a scholarship to make sure that young dancers could pursue their dreams.

Even in her nineties, she would come to the studios to watch rehearsals and give advice on who we might ask to support us.  We were so excited to see Lucy in the theatre for BalletMet at the Ohio last September and she was excited that she was going to see both Senior Dress and Opening Night.  We know that during each of those performances she talked to everyone seated around her about how lucky we were to have such a wonderful ballet company in Columbus.  Lucy loved the arts and found a special passion for the ballet.

BalletMet is dedicating our upcoming performances of Dorothy and the Prince of Oz to Lucy and the amazing work she did for BalletMet and so many other community organizations.  As Lucy would say, please join us at the theatre.

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