Act I: 31 minutes | Act II: 33 minutes | Act III: 30 minutes

This is a Full Length ballet (?)

Choreographer: Edwaard Liang
Composer: Sergei Prokofiev

Why you’ll love this ballet

  • Comedic moments
  • Lush sets and costumes
  • A family friendly performance!

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Behind the Scenes: The Costumes of Cinderella

From the glass slipper to the ball gown, the costumes of Cinderella are an essential aspect of the production’s storytelling.

There are 400 individual pieces in the show, totaling around 150 different looks, and each one serves to bring the beloved story to life. Here, Erin Rollins, our costume shop manager, shares some fun facts and behind-the-scenes knowledge about the style of Cinderella.


Cinderella Costume Sketch

The Story Behind the Ballet

Interested in learning the story behind Cinderella? Click the the arrows to follow the story!


Dressed in rags, Cinderella is gathering kindling in the woods and stops to visit her parents’ graves at the Great Tree. She sees a girl running through the trees and realizes that it’s her as a young child. The magic of the Great Tree creates a vision of her mother and father dancing with her younger self, and she recalls her mother’s death. Her father remarries and she gains a stepmother and stepsisters. Shortly after, her father also dies. As they dance away through the forest, Cinderella begs the young girl not to go. Young Cinderella tells her older self that everything will be alright in the end, and then she dances away.


Cinderella wakes up and begins to tidy the house. Her stepmother and stepsisters rise for the day and treat her poorly as she works. Everyone is excited by an invitation for the family to attend the Prince’s ball. Then, a beggar woman appears at the door and asks for food. The stepmother refuses, but Cinderella is kind to the woman and offers her bread.

The stepmother and stepsisters begin to get ready for the ball – trying on dresses and taking a dance lesson. Cinderella asks if she may go to the ball, but they say no. After the stepmother and stepsisters depart for the Prince’s ball, Cinderella is heartbroken that she cannot attend. The beggar woman returns and reveals herself as Cinderella’s fairy godmother. She invites the flora and fauna of the forest to celebrate and help Cinderella get ready for the ball. Cinderella’s fairy godmother tells her that she must return when the clock chimes midnight. A carriage arrives, and Cinderella is off to the ball.


The members of the court are dancing and having a wonderful time. The master of ceremonies and the jester can’t find the Prince. The stepmother and stepsisters arrive. A brawl erupts between a courtier, the master of ceremonies and the stepsisters. The stepmother breaks up the fight just in time for the Prince to arrive. Everyone continues dancing as the stepmother and stepsisters desperately try to impress the Prince.

Cinderella arrives and her fairy godmother freezes the entire court. The fairy godmother unfreezes only the Prince and he dances with Cinderella. When everyone is unfrozen they continue dancing, but cannot stop watching Cinderella and the Prince. The stepmother and stepsisters see Cinderella dancing with the Prince, but don’t recognize her outside of her rags. They try to dance and get the Prince’s attention, but he is enchanted by Cinderella. As everyone joins in the dancing, the clock strikes midnight and Cinderella runs out of the ballroom leaving a shoe behind.


The next morning, Cinderella is back in her rags pining for the Prince at the Great Tree. The Prince sulks over the disappearance of Cinderella and obsesses about the shoe she left behind. The master of ceremonies tells the Prince that they should take the shoe from town to town until they find Cinderella. They travel, trying the shoe on every maiden they see. They come across a beautiful Spanish woman who tries to lure the Prince, but his heart is set on Cinderella.

Back at the house, Cinderella hides her remaining shoe in a small box by the fire. Her stepmother and stepsisters return to the house disheveled after partying all night. Then the Prince arrives at their house and the stepsisters each try on the shoe, but it doesn’t fit. When Cinderella tries on the shoe it fits perfectly and the Prince knows he has found the right girl. Cinderella’s fairy godmother appears with the magical creatures and everyone is transported back to the woodland. Everyone celebrates as a clergyman enters and marries Cinderella and the Prince.

Meet the Main Characters


Caitlin Valentine Elis Carly Wheaton


Miguel Anaya William Newton


Lisset Santander


Madeline Skelly Grace Ann Powers

Fairy Godmother

Megumi BalletMet 2 Dancer


Romel Frometa BalletMet Company Dancer Gabriel Gaffney Smith

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Photos by Jennifer Zmuda