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Yue Yin Talks World Premiere Work, ‘Timeless Tide’

Meet Yue Yin, the founder of YYDC, and choreographer of the world premiere work Timeless Tide. Ahead of Asian Voices, Yue discusses her dance background, her passion for contemporary dance, and the unique techniques she has developed over the years.

Yue Yin’s dance journey began at the Shanghai Dance School in China, where she immersed herself in Chinese classical dance and folk dance. The fusion of ballet techniques into her training added a layer of richness to her skills, setting the stage for a diverse and dynamic dance career.

A Shift Towards Modern Dance

Upon entering college, Yue faced a pivotal decision: continue with Chinese dance or explore a different path. Intrigued by something new, she discovered modern dance and instantly fell in love with its expressive nature. This newfound passion led her to pursue a Master of Fine Arts at NYU Tisch School, marking the beginning of her deep connection with contemporary dance.

Yue Yin’s dance technique, known as the FoCo Technique™, has evolved as a result of her exploration of choreography and teaching. This unique approach emphasizes the embodiment of movement before dancers step on stage. The method reflects Yue’s commitment to providing a comprehensive dance education, including freelance dancing, teaching, and choreography.

Collaboration and Creativity

Yue’s approach to choreography involves a flexible and collaborative process. When commissioned, she enters the studio with a fresh perspective, allowing the dancers’ reactions to shape the choreography. The synergy between movement and music, often composed by Michel Banabila, adds another layer to the creative process.

For Yue, the motivation to create stems from the joy of achieving fullness in movement. Witnessing dancers express themselves and reach a state of fulfillment brings immense satisfaction. The interconnected cycle of creation, performance, and teaching forms the backbone of her artistic journey.

Yue Yin in rehearsals for her new work, 'Timeless Tide'
Photo by Jennifer Zmuda

In her current project, Yue emphasizes how abstract storytelling in dance can be. The focus is on the dancers’ physicality, allowing emotions to be conveyed through movement rather than a specific narrative. The goal is to create a dynamic piece that engages the audience in a whirlwind of emotions and experiences.

Yue Yin challenges traditional storytelling in dance, opting for a more abstract approach that allows the audience to interpret and connect on a personal level. The absence of a linear narrative opens the door for viewers to embark on a unique and unpredictable journey.

The absence of story kind of create the possibility of people filling in how they imagine what is happening on stage.
Yue Yin

BalletMet company members rehearsing Yue Yin's new work "Timeless Tide"
Photo by Jennifer Zmuda
Behind the Scenes: Production and Budget

Yue sheds light on the practical aspects of dance production, acknowledging the crucial role of budget in supporting creativity. The limited time in the studio is determined by financial constraints, highlighting the delicate balance between artistic freedom and resource limitations. Timeless Tide was commissioned by Northrop at the University of Minnesota

Beyond the Stage

Outside the studio, Yue finds inspiration in nature, travel, and cooking. These activities, she believes, contribute to her overall creativity and serve as a source of refueling. Cooking, in particular, mirrors the concentrated organization required in choreography, creating a connection between seemingly disparate aspects of her life.

Yue Yin in rehearsal for her new work, 'Timeless Tide'
Photo by Jennifer Zmuda

As we delve into Yue Yin’s artistic world, it becomes evident that her dedication to dance goes beyond the stage, encompassing a rich tapestry of experiences, collaborations, and a relentless pursuit of creative expression.

BalletMet is excited to premiere Timeless Tide at our Triple Bill, Asian Voices, beginning on March 15, 2024.