Opening day of “Cinderella!”

The World Premiere of Edwaard Liang‘s Cinderella opens tonight at the Capitol Theatre! Tickets are running out — get yours before they’re gone!      

BalletMet in Schools

BalletMet’s focus on dance in schools goes as far back as BalletMet itself. In 1976, the 6-person Ballet Metropolitan Ensemble performed in schools all around Columbus as part of the …
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The Funnest Week of the Year

All urges to correct my grammatical error aside, June 13-17 really is the funnest week of the year according to Christina Rogers, managing director of The Dance Academy and director …
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BalletMet’s Tiny Dancers

Did you know that BalletMet, through its Dance Academy, offers Early Childhood Classes? That’s right – we offer dance instruction for students from 4 to 7 years of age. Through …
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